Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday alleged that there was a deliberate attempt by the Congress leadership to malign his image during the 2019 general election campaign.

Speaking at a public meeting Pratapgarh, Modi referred to Congress president Rahul Gandhi as 'naamdar' and said that those facing investigations were trying to malign is image and spread falsehood. He also said that friends of Rahul Gandhi had benefitted when Congress was in power during the tenure of United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

"Naamdar keeps saying that he is ready for investigations but at least 20-40 notices have been sent to him but he never takes part in investigations. During the UPA rule, his friend benefitted in arms deal. These people do not follow rules and sometimes court has to intervene," said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday at a public meeting in Prataparh, Uttar Pradesh.

Modi further said that Congress and the alliance of Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) were trying to defeat him because they fear that they will have to go to prison if investigations are completed in the corruption cases against them.

Congress and its alliance partners in the 'maha-milawat' of SP and BSP cannot provide a stable government and they would only promote dynasty and caste politics. PM said Congress and members of the grand alliance only want to promote caste politics, corruption, misgovernance, dynasty and instability in the country.

"Congress and its alliance partners cannot provide stable government. Third front did not give a stable government. The last time SP and BSP came together, it worked for only two years. The grand alliance is only about caste politics and vote bank politics. They cannot work for the development of the country," Modi said at the public meeting.

Modi also added that Congress and SP leadership were trying to misguide BSP chief Mayawati in believing that she could become the next prime minister of the country. PM said that there was a conspiracy between SP and Congress that is why when Mayawati criticises Congress, SP leadership is quiet.

"People of Uttar Pradesh want development but these parties do not want the country to develop or Uttar Pradesh to develop. A new drama has started, SP and Congress are conspiring, and trying to misguide Mayawati. They have tried to convince her that she could become the next prime minister," added PM.

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