After leading the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to yet another historic victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent out a signal of conciliation, inclusivity and progress on Thursday, while reiterating his commitment to the people.

Addressing party workers at the BJP headquarters, Modi said he will not do any work with bad intent or motive, and no action of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) would be for any personal benefit. Modi said party workers should accept the mandate with humility, and that even though governments are formed on the basis of majority and the mandate of the people was for BJP, the country should be run through consensus along with democratic spirit and within the constitutional framework.

In his first gathering after the election results started coming out, Modi said the government would work with the opposition and make efforts for the development of country with democratic and constitutional values. He said the people of the country had voted for the development of the country and the result was the victory of democracy and the people of the country.

“People have given a new narrative in this election. The mandate is against all those who divide people on the basis of caste. In 21st century India, there will be only two castes, those who are poor and those who work for upliftment of poor. If these two work together, then we can end poverty in the country," Modi said. He also assured all state governments that the Union government will work to strengthen the federal structure and constitutional framework of the country and would work together with every state government in the development process.

This is the first time a non-Congress government that has completed a full term is returning to power for a second consecutive term with a majority in the Lok Sabha. The 303-seat victory of the BJP is the ruling party’s best performance ever.

“What is unique about the BJP is that we once had only two seats and now we are returning to power for a consecutive term. There were many ups and downs in the journey and we did not give up our cultural ethos, pride and humility," Modi told party workers.

Modi further said political parties that were misguiding people for the last 30 years with the tag of secularism did not dare to raise the term this time. “Normally, price rise is part of election campaigns in every election and corruption of government is also part of the narrative. But this time, no political party raised the issue of price rise and corruption. Even after five years of government, there is not a single corruption allegation against the government," he added.

Modi said women had waited for toilets for long, and that people were now getting health benefits. He described the victory as a win for the aspirations of the people, for the farmers, for the unorganized workers who will now get pension, and the tax-paying middle class.

“The election result will strengthen honesty in the country. People will know that tax given is being used for development of the country, people now feel that they are part of the development process of the country and they contribute to the growth of India," Modi added.