Microsoft Corporation CEO Satya Nadella (Reuters)
Microsoft Corporation CEO Satya Nadella (Reuters)

Microsoft's Nadella says streamlined cloud approach can improve reskilling

  • TCS CEO and managing director Rajesh Gopinathan also attended the Future Decoded event in Mumbai
  • Nadella said there is a possibility of 50 billion devices being connected on cloud by 2030

MUMBAI : Microsoft Corporation chief executive officer (CEO) Satya Nadella on Monday shared his vision for the way his company drives digital transformation in India. During his three-day trip that started today, Nadella said businesses can utilise cloud to offer better learning and reskilling opportunities to their workforce.

Nadella said there is a possibility of 50 billion devices being connected on cloud by 2030 and that these devices will have 175 zetabytes of data by 2025. Microsoft has 57 data center regions across the world.

"We envision an intelligent cloud world that is grounded in technology that helps everyone build their own tech intensity. How can we help business be more independent rather that dependent on us is the key fundamental of Microsoft," said Nadella while addressing the Future Decoded event in Mumbai.

Nadella spoke of an edge and cloud model for distributed cloud computing as core strategy of the company. Currently, Piramal Glass Ltd uses a Microsoft-powered IoT (internet of things) management system across their factories.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) CEO and managing director Rajesh Gopinathan also attended the event, where he highlighted how his company uses cloud services to reskill its massive workforce of 446,000.

The recent launch of GitHub's India operations by Microsoft was long awaited by developers and companies like TCS that have a huge developer pool. GitHub has appointed Maneesh Sharma as the general manager of the Indian subsidiary. Sharma, who has previously held roles at Adobe and SAP, will spearhead the growth strategy for India business. Github has its second largest developer base in India outside of the US.

Nadella also focused on cyber security solutions for infrastructure, applications and devices. Cyber attacks are increasingly being targeted at a micro level much like digital marketing operations, Nadella said.

"If we are to make progress in the next decade then we have to take every domain expert and citizen developer out there with this," said Nadella.

Founded in 2008, GitHub is one of the world's top software developing platforms today. With over 40 million developers across more than 100 million projects, GitHub provides ample opportunities for collaboration. One can use the platform to host and review code and manage projects.

GitHub has extended its popular Hackathon Grant program to students, offering up to $1,000 to host events that will enable them to experience true community learning.

Microsoft has also partnered with business social network platform LinkedIn Corporation to increase their skill outreach programs.

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