New Delhi: Days before the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras — 25 October — when Indian women buy gold, a new campaign by DSM (Dutch State Mines), a Dutch multinational firm specializing in nutrition is urging them to invest in iron. DSM, which works both in the area of nutrition and sustainable living, has launched CSR initiative Project Streedhan which is aimed at creating awareness among women in India about better health and well being. The launch has been strategically timed to coincide with the Dhanteras and exhorts women to invest in iron and not only gold.

India ranks the highest in world for prevalence of anaemia among its women, and the campaign has been launched today to capture a more startling fact — that more than 50% of women in urban India are also anaemic. This is unusual considering that women in cities and towns have far more access and exposure to information and healthcare facilities than their rural counterparts.

Created by advertising agency FCB Ulka, the minute-long digital campaign features multiple women dressed in festive wear both traditional and in fusion styles consuming various iron rich food items including almonds, watermelon, pomegranate, corn and fish.

The powerful images are beautifully brought together by a foot tapping rustic background score, urging women to invest in nourishing their body with iron rich food. ‘Loha chakh le’ (taste the iron) is the central theme of the background score.

The campaign, uploaded on Project Streedhan’s YouTube channel on 17 October, is resonating well with netizens garnering over 180k views so far. The initiative is also being supported by key women influencers such as Bollywood actor Vidya Balan and writer Anuja Chauhan on Instagram.

Swati Bhattacharya, chief creative officer, FCB Ulka said, “Iron deficiency has seen many awareness campaigns. Still one out of every two women suffer from iron deficiency. Sometimes it not what you say but how and where you say it, that creates the bigger impact. This Dhanteras, when women are thinking of investing in gold, the Streedhan campaign gets them to think of investing in another metal. Something that turns to gold inside them - iron. The real Streedhan is iron. Also, what’s so heartening is that so many jewellers across the country have come forward to support this message."

Over 50 leading jewellers across the country have also signed up to support Project Streedhan initiative and have pledged to spread the message among their customers, who happen to be almost exclusively women. Some of these include well-known names such as Hazoorilal Legend and MBJ (North), NAC Jewellers (South), Kundanlal Jewellers (West), and DK Bengal Jewellers (East).