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IPCA Laboratories SUMMARY

IPCA Laboratories is trading -1.28% lower at Rs 727.10 as compared to its last closing price. IPCA Laboratories has been trading in the price range of 738.85 & 725.20. IPCA Laboratories has given -12.73% in this year & 4.29% in the last 5 days.


IPCA Laboratories has TTM P/E ratio 43.62 as compared to the sector P/E of 26.01.There are 20 analysts who have initiated coverage on IPCA Laboratories. There are 1 analysts who have given it a strong buy rating & 4 analysts have given it a buy rating. 2 analysts have given the stock a sell rating.


The company posted a net profit of 76.52 Crores in its last quarter.


Listed peers of IPCA Laboratories include Biocon (-0.31%), Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceutical (0.12%), IPCA Laboratories (-1.28%) etc.

FAQs about IPCA Laboratories

IPCA Laboratories is trading at 727.10 as on Fri Jun 09 2023 09:59:57. This is -1.28% lower as compared to its previous closing price of 736.55.

The market capitalization of IPCA Laboratories is 18446.83 Cr as on Fri Jun 09 2023 09:59:57.

The average broker rating on IPCA Laboratories is Hold. The breakup of analyst rating is given below -

  • 1 analysts have given a strong buy rating
  • 4 analysts have given a buy rating
  • 11 analysts have given a hold rating
  • 2 analysts have given a sell rating
  • 2 analysts have given a strong sell rating

The 52 wk high for IPCA Laboratories is 1033.50 whereas the 52 wk low is 670.00

IPCA Laboratories can be analyzed on the following key metrics -

  • TTM P/E: 43.62
  • Sector P/E: 26.01
  • Dividend Yield: 0.54%
  • D/E ratio: 0.25

IPCA Laboratories reported a net profit of 471.32 Cr in 2023.

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