Index Compositions

Last updated: Fri 19 Apr, 2024 | 15:29:58

Following are the list of stocks contributing to the S&P BSE Quality.

Constituents for

S&P BSE Quality
S&P BSE 100S&P BSE 200S&P BSE 500S&P BSE AutoS&P BSE BankexS&P BSE Consumer DurablesS&P BSE Capital GoodsS&P BSE CPSES&P BSE CarbonexS&P BSE DOLLEX 100S&P BSE DOLLEX 200S&P BSE DOLLEX 30S&P BSE GreenexS&P BSE IPOS&P BSE MetalS&P BSE Oil & GasS&P BSE PowerS&P BSE Public SectorS&P BSE RealtyS&P BSE SME IPOS&P BSE SENSEXS&P BSE TECkNIFTY Total Return IDX USDNIFTY Growth Sectors 15NIFTY100 Quality 30NIFTY500 MultiCap 50:25:25NIFTY Alpha Low Volatility 30NIFTY Consumer DurablesNIFTY 50 USD NET TOTAL RETURN INDEXNIFTY100 ESG Sector LeadersNIFTY GS 10 YrNIFTY GS 10 Yr ClnNIFTY GS 11 15 YrNIFTY GS 15 Yr PlusNIFTY GS 4 8 YrNIFTY GS 8 13 YrNIFTY GS CompositeNIFTY HealthcareNIFTY MidCap 150 Quality 50NIFTY INDIA SELECT 7 GOVERNMEN INDEXNIFTY INDIA SELECT 7 GOVERNMEN INDEXNIFTY LargeMidCap 250NIFTY Midcap 100NIFTY Midcap Liquid 15NIFTY200 Momentum 30NIFTY 50 NET TOTAL RETURN INDEXNIFTY Oil & GasNIFTY PVT BankNIFTY Financial Services 25/50NIFTY Smallcap 100NIFTY TATA GRP 25% CAP TRI INDEXNIFTY TRINIFTY 100NIFTY100 Enhanced ESGNIFTY100 ESGNIFTY100 Equal WeightNIFTY100 Low Volatility 30NIFTY200 ALPHA 30 INDEXNIFTY 500NIFTY50 Equal WeightNIFTY Alpha 50NIFTY AutoNIFTY India ConsumptionNIFTY EnergyNIFTY FINANCIAL SERVICESNIFTY FMCGNIFTY High Beta 50NIFTY India DigitalNIFTY India ManufacturingNIFTY InfrastructureNIFTY ITNIFTY Low Volatility 50NIFTY MIDCAP150 MOMENTUM 50 INDEXNIFTY MetalNIFTY MicroCap 250NIFTY Midcap SelectNIFTY MIDSMALL HEALTHCARE INDEXNIFTY MNCNIFTY500 MULTICAP INFRASTRUCTU INDEXNIFTY500 MULTICAP INDIA MANUFA INDEXNIFTY PSENIFTY PSU BankNIFTY RealtyNIFTY Services SectorNIFTY TATA GROUP 25% CAP INDEXNIFTY Total Market INDEXIndia VIXNIFTY Midcap 50NIFTY Midcap 150NIFTY MidSmallCap 400NIFTY PharmaNIFTY Smallcap 250NIFTY Smallcap 50NIFTY100 Liquid 15NIFTY Next 50NIFTY BankNIFTY50 USDNIFTY 50NIFTY50 Value 20S&P BSE 150 MidCapS&P BSE 250 LargeMidCapS&P BSE 250 SmallcapS&P BSE 400 MidSmallCapS&P BSE FMCGS&P BSE Diversified Financials Revenue GrowthS&P BSE Bharat 22S&P BSE Dividend StabilityS&P BSE 100 ESGS&P BSE Enhanced ValueS&P BSE Low VolatilityS&P BSE MomentumS&P BSE QualityS&P BSE SENSEX 50S&P BSE SENSEX Next 50S&P BSE 100 LargeCap TMCS&P BSE HealthcareS&P BSE ITS&P BSE MidcapS&P BSE Private BanksS&P BSE Smallcap
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