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Business News/ Markets / Why should you link your - Savings, Trading and Demat Account?

Why should you link your - Savings, Trading and Demat Account?

Linking a savings, trading, and demat account provides a number of advantages, all of which pertain to enhancing an individual's convenience and comfort when browsing through their accounts. Let us discuss these benefits in detail.

We explain here why should you link your - Savings, Trading and Demat Account? (Photo by Tezos on Unsplash )Premium
We explain here why should you link your - Savings, Trading and Demat Account? (Photo by Tezos on Unsplash )

Are you thinking about investing in the stock market? A savings account, as well as a free demat and trading account, are the three things you will need to start buying and selling stocks and other assets. A demat account stores all of your shares and securities in an electronic or dematerialized version, whilst a trading account allows you to purchase and sell them. The profits from the sale of your securities are credited to your savings account, and this amount is deducted whenever you acquire shares.

These three accounts must be securely linked in order for you to conduct efficient trade operations. While your free demat and trading accounts are frequently mapped, you must ensure that your savings account is linked to your demat account as well. The needed amount will be automatically deducted or credited from your savings account each time you make a transaction owing to the interlinking of these accounts. Let us understand the three accounts before discussing the benefits of linking them.

What is a Savings account?

A savings account, as the name implies, is one where additional earnings are set aside and saved for the goal of accumulation. Over time, this cumulative sum receives interest, bringing the total amount you have saved to a higher level. Any bank will be able to open this account for you. Savings accounts are popular due to the added security they provide.

What is a Trading account?

In the stock market, a trading account is used to acquire and sell equity shares. The stock exchange used to operate on an open outcry method. Traders communicated their purchasing and selling choices via hand signals and vocal conversation. Trading accounts quickly replaced the open outcry system once the stock exchanges adopted the computerised system. Buyers and sellers do not need to be physically present at the stock market to make orders using the online approach. Instead, they create a trading account with a registered stock market broker, who handles all of their trading for them.

What is a Demat account?

Demat account is equivalent to a bank account in which you deposit money with the bank and keep track of your debit and credit balances in a bank passbook. Similarly, whether you buy or sell shares, your demat account will be credited or debited accordingly. It may be used to store a wide range of investments, including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and government securities.

Benefits of linking Savings, Demat and Trading accounts

Efficient Investing

Trading may be straightforward and stress-free provided you have access to all of your investment accounts, as well as visibility into how much you will spend on each transaction. You may purchase and sell financial products such as derivatives, equities, mutual funds, IPOs (initial public offers), ETFs (exchange-traded funds), bonds, and more by combining your demat, savings, and trading accounts on the same platform.

Pricing Transparency

When you link your demat account and savings account, financial transfers across different DPs are usually free. Furthermore, there is no upper limit or limitation on the amount of money that can be transferred. Investors benefit from this by receiving clear and competitive pricing that meets their demands.

Updated Investments

These accounts are a wonderful match since they help you make better financial decisions. When all of these accounts are connected, an individual gets the ‘internal information' on everything investment-related, including which stocks to buy now and when to sell. With this link, you may get detailed information about economic reports and investment summaries. With the demat account information you are supplied upon this linkage, seizing the correct chance to buy in stocks at the appropriate price is a lot easier.

Platform for Investing Flexibility

By connecting your demat and savings accounts, you can keep track of your finances at all times. You will never miss a trade since you will be able to trade from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With a 3-in-1 account, you can make lightning-fast investments while also evaluating alternative investing choices thanks to a sophisticated online platform and real-time streaming market data.

Digital Benefits

Because of technological advancements, the majority of labour can now be done effortlessly through the internet. The situation is identical for demat and savings accounts. The linking of both accounts ensures that both accounts may be conveniently managed by using a single application. This removes the need to download and update several programmes at the same time. This feature also allows you to keep track of your investments no matter where you are.

It should not be difficult for investors to trade in the stock market as new technologies inundate the world of trading, owing to the availability and popularity of smartphones and the internet. You can easily carry out all of your transactions while keeping track of them by simply linking your demat account to your bank account. Because markets are dynamic, even minor delays can result in unfavourable outcomes,therefore timely and efficient stock market trading is required. Demat and trading accounts that are connected to your savings account are hence essential.



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Published: 16 Mar 2022, 02:11 PM IST
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