In its sixth and final season, Silicon Valley, the satire that mirrors life in the tech world with eerie yet hilarious accuracy, touches on success, data privacy, competition and ethics. It’s a show that’s mercilessly exposed the Valley’s hypocrisy, and, in this season, the parallels to the real world seem even closer. After starting in a garage and running into every conceivable problem, Pied Piper has become a big tech player with 500 employees, and the dilemmas that scale brings. CEO Richard Hendricks keeps his stand against monetizing user data, but the writers explore the dark side of holding too fast to an idea. To keep the dream alive and raise funding, Richard does make ethical compromises. The show goes into troubled relationships in the founding team, and takes digs at the Valley attempts at being “woke"—“hacking hunger" while discussing deals over caviar, anti-tech evangelists, and a parody of Burning Man. It’s scathing, sarcastic and a lot of fun.

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