Most books answer questions about growth, success and business. But what about the questions that you ask yourself before sleeping—is this what you were meant to do in life? Were you really right in ending the relationship? Why do you not enjoy your job anymore? Why do you not enjoy certain people’s company anymore? Can you be nicer to people? Are you too nice to people?

The School Of Life—An Emotional Education aims to help you through the various stages of life. Written by a collection of psychologists, philosophers and writers, including best-selling author Alain de Botton, the book takes inspiration from the group’s website. The focus of the book moves from one aspect to another—from self, other, relationships, work and culture. It questions why our attention is always taken away from anything that can help us understand our own emotions and behaviour. As de Botton says, “What is distinctive is just how selective we are about the topics we deem it possible to educate ourselves in. Our energies are overwhelmingly directed towards material, scientific and technical subjects—and away from psychological and emotional ones."

So the next time someone jokes about your demand to have a quiet night in, or for spending time by yourself, know that there is more to it than you just “being unsocial".