Indian roads are full of two-wheelers, and within those, the Royal Enfield Bullet has always stood out from the rest. But what is one of the best known motorcycle brands had a humble beginning of making bicycles.

In 1893, the Enfield Manufacturing Company designed its first bicycle—the Enfield. The following year, their bicycles were renamed Royal Enfields and the trademark “Made Like A Gun" was introduced. By 1898, Enfield’s first motorized vehicle, the quadricycle, was launched.

The first Royal Enfield motorcycle was produced only in 1901, the year now printed on various Enfield accessories. In the 1950s, the company partnered with Madras Motors in India to form “Enfield India". Initially, these machines were shipped from England in kit form and then assembled at the Chennai plant; but by 1977, Enfield India began exporting these bikes to the UK and Europe.