Simplicity makes sense in business. But most often, while creating strategies corporates make it complex, believes Ken Allen, former chief executive of delivery company DHL Express. This might be because they feel if the solution was easy, everyone would be already doing it. It can also be a reflection of thinking in silos where the set-up is functional and not reflective of the customer journey, writes Allen in his new book, Radical Simplicity: How Simplicity Transformed A Loss-making Mega Brand Into A World-class Performer. According to Allen, a business has to make money before focusing on anything else. The most basic of turnaround ideas involve cutting costs, leaving peripheral businesses that you are not good at and focusing on the core. Long-term profitability can only happen through satisfied, loyal customers. When you have this—a really great service quality that creates loyal customers—it is justified to command a price premium. But also, once you enjoy this profitable growth it is time for you to strengthen your commitment towards your employee. Engage and excite every person in the organization but also have a way to measure this engagement. But if you make a mistake, it is not the end of the world. Allen believes they are to be seen as an opportunity to do something better. And turn things around, like he did with DHL.

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