Netflix’s crime series The Pharmacist.
Netflix’s crime series The Pharmacist.

The ‘pill mill’ that started an epidemic

Netflix’s latest true crime series, The Pharmacist, is a story of a father’s fight against the opioid crisis that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in the US

In 1999, Dan Schneider, a pharmacist from Louisiana, lost his 22-year-old son in a drug-related shooting. In the absence of the police’s complete support, Schneider decided to start his own investigation to find his son’s killer, and, in the process, uncovered the beginning of the opioid epidemic in the US, which has, till date, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Netflix’s true docu-series, The Pharmacist, shows Schneider’s journey to find the culprit, which led him to a near-complete mental breakdown. Using his personal video and audio recordings, the four-part series presents the heartbreaking story of a civilian who relentlessly sought justice not just for his son, but also for thousands of others.

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