A 2018 photograph of tourists at the Serdica excavations in Sofia. (Photo: Alamy)

What lies beneath Sofia

4 min read . 12:49 AM IST
Rana Begum (Photo: Mohammed Chiba, courtesy Jhaveri Contemporary)

Rana Begum’s language of colours

6 min read . 22 Sep 2019
Dantzig wants people to think about their reading habits.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Reader’s handbook

1 min read . 22 Sep 2019
A woodblock print from 1888 depicting ballroom dancing at the Rokumeikan (Photo: Alamy)

For Edo the bells tolled

6 min read . 22 Sep 2019
Anantamul can be boiled with water to make tea. (Photo: Arqa Ayurveda)

Making Ayurveda accessible for all

1 min read . 22 Sep 2019
In ‘Daura’, a musician’s recounting of a folk myth transports the young district collector, the protagonist of the story.  (Photo: istock)

A tour of madness

4 min read . 21 Sep 2019
Orthodox teas are made by hand, or involve more human intervention, and this manner of tea-making maintains the integrity of the tea leaves (Photo: iStock)
CBI officials with elephant tusks seized in 2012 (Photo: HT)

Wildlife cyber sleuths to the rescue

4 min read . 21 Sep 2019
Gandhi’s objection to English was that it was alienating and, as the language of government, created an unbridgeable distance between the rulers and the ruled.  (Photo: Alamy)

Mahatma Gandhi and the language games

6 min read . 21 Sep 2019
A cacao pod (Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint)

The making of a chocolate economy

16 min read . 21 Sep 2019
Devita Saraf. (Photo: Jayachandran/Mint)

Devita Saraf- the brand ambassador

7 min read . 20 Sep 2019
A search for survivors after a landslide at Puthumala, Meppadi, in Kerala’s Wayanad district on 11 August. (Photo: Getty Images)

The hungry rains

10 min read . 20 Sep 2019
A file photograph of surrogate mothers at Nayana Patel’s clinic in Anand, Gujarat. (Photo: Hindustan Times)

The abolition of choice

6 min read . 20 Sep 2019