Tourists wearing masks at the Bengaluru railway station (Photo: Getty Images)

Covid-19: getting the right mask

6 min read . 05:36 PM IST
Use sunscreen if you are around natural light. istockphoto

Skincare at home

1 min read . 04 Apr 2020
An online jigsaw of the masterpiece ‘Feeding The Parrot’ by Pestonji Bomanji, put up by CSMVS with The Heritage Lab

Bring the museums into your home

3 min read . 04 Apr 2020
Books People read

What’s your quarantine book?

12 min read . 04 Apr 2020
12 hefty must-reads

Doorstoppers for your indoor life

6 min read . 03 Apr 2020
Labels and names often come with other, unnamed and incorrect ideas. (Photo: Getty Images)

Could I borrow your turban?

2 min read . 03 Apr 2020
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