Any person big on the dating scene will tell you disappointment and heartbreak are usually part of the bargain. But Tinder India is looking to change that by making this weekend all about swiping for nothing less than unconditional love. The dating app has tied up with Friendicoes Seca (Delhi- NCR), World For All Animal Care and Adoptions (Mumbai), RESQ (Pune) and a few others to start the #PawfectMatch initiative. Users can swipe on pet profiles to indicate which animals they would like to foster, adopt or volunteer to support.

“Our own insights and research from (data analytics firm) Campus Intelligence notes that this generation represents a shifting relationship to service and volunteering, with more young people focused on solving a problem than serving a need. Seventy per cent of Gen Z girls believe their lives need to make a difference in the world," says Taru Kapoor, Tinder India head.

Swiping right won’t throw up awkward small talk with prospective dates. Instead, you get registration forms to indicate how you would like to help the pet you choose. This information will then be collated as part of a nationwide registry for partner organizations that will set the process in motion.

“Tinder could have taken the easy way out and created a matchmaking feature to help pet owners find mates for their pooches, but they took the more responsible and laudable route by championing the cause of animal welfare. And hey, a pet is less likely to disappoint you than a date! Win-win," says conservationist Cara Tejpal.

With a large number of pets abandoned every year—Friendicoes in Delhi NCR puts the number at up to 600 a year, of which only 100-150 are rehomed—this initiative by Tinder will help animals that need urgent rehabilitation.

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