As brands scramble to push content related to Pride Month, OkCupid is doing something a little different. The dating app, which allows users to choose from “13 sexual orientations and 22 gender identities", has collated data from about 200,000 Indian users on LGBTQ+ issues, baring their biases and changes in attitude over the years.

“OkCupid believes you are much more than a picture on an app. Our users answer a series of questions about themselves and about what they are looking for in a partner while setting up their profiles," says Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer, OkCupid, on email. “The app requires answers to a minimum of 15 questions but we have found Indian users answering an average of 50 questions each week on topics ranging from politics to feminism to lifestyle choices," she adds.

It’s promising that 68% of men and 90% of women “say they care a lot about LGBTQ+ issues", 66% of men and 76% of women would “willingly participate in a public demonstration to demand and fight for LGBTQ+ rights", 82% of men and 92% of women “strongly believe that using the term gay as an insult is highly disrespectful," Hobley says, “One of the most interesting findings was that the OkCupid community believes it is time for the next step and that gay marriage must be legalized in the country, especially after the Supreme Court’s decision to scrap (read down) Section 377, with 55% men and 82% women agreeing to this."

Yet, the data shows that while Indians on the dating scene are becoming more sensitive, there is still some way to go. Only 19% of the users from the LGBTQ+ community are completely out to their co-workers and/or random acquaintances, whereas 48% users say they are “partially out" to their peers.

The app’s attempt to examine attitudes to sexuality is part of their assessment of how Indians perceive identity, dating and relationships. “We have always believed in creating a diverse, inclusive environment where people can be themselves and tell their stories authentically, whatever the story might be," Hobley adds.