Compendium of beautiful and bizarre objects for this week
Compendium of beautiful and bizarre objects for this week

Source: A compendium of beautiful and bizarre objects of desire

  • This week’s selection is about reimagining the ordinary
  • Our curated list includes a handwoven wicker side-table, bandis with tropical prints and sterling silver champagne flutes

Vested interests: Paradise Island Printed Mal Bandi Jacket by Project Bandi & Co.

One might call it the Nehru jacket or even the Modi jacket, but the bandi will always be timelessly reimagined, like this one in tropical prints. Available at; 10,100

Best wishes: Birthstone Wishing Ball by Uncommon Goods

Each of these hand-blown globes comes with 52 paper slips to write your wishes or thoughts down for each week of the year. You can’t take them out once they are in, but they will remind you of all the good thoughts you had during the year. Available at; 2,285

Weak for wicker: Wika Bedside Table by Freedom Tree

This handwoven teak and wicker table is a nod to the craft traditions of southern India. Its light and airy appearance and familiar design make it an easy addition to your home. Available at; 23,300

Raise your glass: Silver Champagne Flute Glasses by SR Artefacts

Celebrate the New Year by pouring a champagne fountain. Try these sterling silver glasses—they won’t break, and the champagne will taste just as good. Available at SR Artefacts, Mumbai; 13,905 per glass

Eyes on you: Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate by Deciem

From one of the newest skincare brands on the block, this super-concentrated eye serum gives a good name to chemicals like hyaluronic acid and prevents ageing around the eyes. Available at; $79 (around 5,620) for 15ml

Keep draping on: Kumari’s Pastel Green Solid Sari Dress

Is it a sari? Is it a dress? It’s both—a one-of-a-kind design inspired by Rashmi Varma’s original concept. Just slip it on, and you can wear it in as many ways as you can drape it. Available at; 19,040