Whole hearted: HE(art) lovers—Black hole by Noumeda Carbone

Created with graphite on cotton paper, this piece of monochromatic art is available in the form of evocative prints.

Available at Noumeda.com; €650 (around 50,570)

Wear your heart: Heart T-shirt by Keerat Kaur

Hand-embroidered and hand-beaded, using cotton threads and glass beads, this T-shirt can be your way to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Available at KeeratKaurShop on Etsy.com; $201.96

Light up: Neon Anatomical Heart by Anatomy Boutique

This neon light comes in a handy size for your home while channelling the oomph of billboards. The LED light is also portable and easy to use as a backdrop for themed parties.

Available at AnatomyBoutique.com; £480

Love thyself: WildFlower Hearts by Simran Chhabra

Handcrafted from brass alloy and gold-plated with a cut-out of a sitting girl, these artistic earrings are inspired by the idea of self-love, honesty and freedom.

Available at SimranChhabra.com; 4,500

Bloom in bliss: Love in Bloom by Seletti

The phrase “blooming love" has been realized with complete attention to detail in this white porcelain vase.

Available at Farfetch.com; $121Big Heart II by Etienne Meneau

In vino veritas: Big Heart II by Etienne Meneau

The beauty of this hand-blown carafe attracts parallels with Pliny The Elder’s saying on how wine helps you pour your heart out.

Available on order at strangecarafe@gmail.com; €3,000 (around 2.33 lakh)

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