Source: A Game of Thrones compendium

This week, extend your love for the Game of Thrones universe to your wardrobe and home as well

Winter calling: Sansa Stark Trio Necklace by Alex and Ani

Sansa’s irrepressible spirit recreated in a Rafaelian rose gold finish necklace, featuring the Stark family’s wolf head sigil. Available on; $69 (around 4,800)

White heat: Snow Knight faux fur coat by Fuzz Not Fur

For Mother of Dragons’ followers, here’s a cruelty-free alternative to Dany’s flowing white jacket in the final season premiere. Tuck it in your wardrobe for your next trip to Iceland or when winter’s back again. Available on; $1,354, or around 94,000

Game face: Games of Thrones Vault by Urban Decay

What do the ladies of Westeros have in their make-up kit? Find your cues in Urban Decay’s 13-piece set that includes everything you need in your beauty arsenal. Available on; $250 plus shipping

Heel to westeros: UltraBoost White Walker by adidas Running

If White Walkers wore sneakers, this would be their pick. Part of a limited-edition line of shoes representing the colours and qualities of the show’s warring factions. Available on and VegNonVeg in Delhi and Mumbai; 16,999

Character collectibles: Funko vinyl figures by Entertainment Store

These add a playful spin to GOT’s notoriously menacing characters. Pick Cersei, Dany or any of your love-to-hate characters. Available in Entertainment Store outlets or on; 1,099 for each

Throw shade: The Official Game of Thrones Colouring Book

A detailed colouring book for adults, in which you can complete portraits of your favourite characters and bring to life the vibrant cities of the Seven Kingdoms. Available on 1,031