The TV goes supersized

  • Televisions are getting bigger and better – with cutting-edge design, new pixel technologies artificial intelligence and screen sizes going up to 100 inches
  • The newly-launched Samsung 8K OLED, Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony and LG Signature OLED TV R are great examples of the supersized trend

Remember when a 32-inch television screen was the ultimate luxury? No one will blame you if your memory fails. People have always demanded bigger screens, ever since Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corp. announced the arrival of the 14-inch screen in 1944. Today’s televisions have assumed Brobdingnagian proportions, with screens ranging from 60-100 inches. However, these TV sets don’t stand out simply for their size—equipped with new pixel technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge designs, they promise the most immersive visual experience in the comforts of your home.


Among this year’s biggest TV launches, this QLED television offers vivid displays powered by proprietory 8K AI Upscaling technology that can transform any content into 8K quality. When not in use, the ambient mode allows it to blend with the decor or display photographs and art. The TV comes in four sizes, from 65-98 inches.


This 4K OLED TV offers a mix of stellar sound and designs. Based on mid-century entertainment furniture design, this screen is fronted by mechanical winged speakers and a sound centre. It will be available later this year.


It’s not in the market yet, but this design is already topping the list of most highly anticipated releases. The first of its kind, the 65-inch OLED TV rises and rolls down at a click with three viewing options—Full, Line (partial) and Zero (out of view). There is an option for using audio features in Zero View.