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A recent report by Ericsson Consumer Lab suggests that augmented reality (AR) will take gaming to the next level. The report Ready, Steady, Game! says AR gaming has made the technology a part of everyday life, though not every user is convinced. Two out of three participants said they were interested in AR gaming but one in three said “holding a mobile device is not good enough for AR gaming".

Quantitative data was collected from over seven markets for this report, including more than 7,000 online interviews with people aged 15–69 in Brazil, China, France, Japan, South Korea, the UK and US.

While virtual reality (VR) gaming transports a person into a three-dimensional environment through a headset and lets them interact with it, AR gaming integrates a game’s audio and visual content into the user’s environment, which gets “augmented". The ability to digitally augment surroundings in real time has captured the attention of both gamers and non-gamers. The report says the promise of “digitally decorating your room, creating a digital sculpture or even designing a house" has engrossed users from both categories.

One of the drawbacks of VR gaming and VR in general is the lack of affordable headsets. AR faces similar problems. According to the report, almost four out of 10 AR gamers agreed that AR gaming would be more interesting with better and more immersive games, and access to affordable AR glasses. Apart from these findings, 32% of the users said AR games would be more interesting if they combined AR with physical activity and exercise. So, not only does AR hold promise in the world of gaming, it has the potential for use in different areas of our daily lives: social media, schools and education, home planning, etc. Here’s a look at some AR games and apps to get you started.

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In this location-based game, the discovery of XM, a fictitious, mysterious resource of unknown origin, has divided the world into two factions—the Enlightened and the Resistance. Users can choose their side to hold their ground, share resources, and explore this strange world.

Available on iOS and Android


WallaMe lets you use AR to hide messages on walls in the real world, which can only be seen by others using the app in the specific location where you left the message. Users can take a picture of a surface and draw, write on it or use stickers. The app has popularized the concept of digital graffiti around the world.

Available on iOS and Android


Niantic’s Pokémon Go is still one of the best and popular AR games. Go for a walk, wander in the streets and search for landmarks where you can capture these fictional creatures known as Pokémon.

Available on iOS and Android


With Google’s Just A Line, users can make simple drawings anywhere. Once you are done drawing, you can record a video of what you have created. The app even lets you share drawing space with other users by pairing your phones.

Available on iOS and Android

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