AI-powered learning: a tool to upskill and reskill

The hallmark of AI-powered platforms lies in their ability to democratise access to knowledge (iStock)
The hallmark of AI-powered platforms lies in their ability to democratise access to knowledge (iStock)


AI-powered learning platforms are revolutionizing upskilling and reskilling with personalized learning paths, virtual tutoring and access to a wealth of learning resources, making career development more flexible, accessible, and cost-effective

While you might not realize it, artificial intelligence (AI) is already playing a role in your upskilling journey. Think about the last time you learnt something new on YouTube. The platform’s AI-powered recommendation system likely steered you towards relevant topics, unknowingly kickstarting your learning process. However, the journey of learning is not a solitary pursuit. The success of online study-room businesses highlights this truth, demonstrating that learning is a collaborative process that thrives on interaction and mutual support. This is precisely where AI steps in, acting as a round-the-clock companion.

Transitioning to the professional sphere, individuals often seek to upskill or reskill themselves for career progress in their field. The most effective way to do this is through a simple job search on platforms like LinkedIn. Here, an array of AI tools come into play, analysing your existing CV and providing insights about the skills you need to acquire for the targeted job role. This is one of the ways the journey of upskilling and reskilling begins.

AI-powered learning platforms are at the vanguard of this revolution. These platforms harness the power of AI to create personalised learning paths tailored to individual needs.

Imagine having a virtual tutor available 24/7, meticulously crafting courses and assessments that align precisely with your career goals. This tailored approach transcends traditional education methods, offering flexibility and accessibility that adapts seamlessly to your schedule and geographical constraints.

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The hallmark of AI-powered platforms lies in their ability to democratise access to knowledge. No longer bound by time or location, individuals can access a wealth of learning resources at any hour, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Whether you seek to acquire new skills, enhance existing competencies, or explore emerging trends in your field, AI ensures cost-effective solutions that cater to diverse learning preferences and professional aspirations.

Beyond learning, AI’s impact on career coaching is equally transformative. AI coaches leverage advanced algorithms to analyse vast data sets of job market trends, identifying emerging skills and industry demands. They serve as strategic guides, illuminating viable career pathways and equipping you with the skills necessary to thrive in a competitive job market.

How do AI coaches work?

AI coaches are equipped with large language models (LLMs), which are trained on diverse data and learning materials. In fact, the integration of AI in education, particularly the use of LLMs and natural language understanding (NLU) techniques, holds immense potential, for it can curate and design learning courses tailored to individual needs, give learners flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience, and enhance the interactive experience by answering learner’s queries with accuracy, enhancing the interactive learning experience, among other things.

It can also help in career alignment. For instance, AI coaches can analyse a learner’s career goals and align the learning material, accordingly, making the learning process more goal-oriented and effective.

Wait, there's a problem

Despite these advancements, AI-driven education faces significant challenges that necessitate careful consideration and mitigation strategies.

Firstly, ethical concerns, such as data privacy and algorithmic biases, are paramount. Ensuring transparent data practices and robust privacy protections is crucial in building trust and safeguarding sensitive employee information.

What’s more, addressing biases inherent in AI algorithms, which can inadvertently perpetuate inequalities and misinformation, is essential for fostering inclusive and equitable learning environments.

The technical complexities of AI systems, including issues such as adversarial attacks and algorithmic hallucinations, also pose potential risks in educational settings. Adversarial attacks involve deliberate manipulations of AI inputs to produce misleading or harmful outputs, while algorithmic hallucinations can result in AI generating fictitious or erroneous information.

These phenomena, if unchecked, could undermine the credibility and effectiveness of AI coaches, leading to significant disruptions and compromising educational outcomes.

The future of learning

As we look ahead, a powerful synergy between human innovation and AI intelligence is set to redefine professional development.

Think AI tutors tailoring educational paths, AI mentors guiding career progressions, and human advisors providing empathetic support.

Together, they empower individuals in their pursuit of success in an ever-evolving environment.

Importantly, this process necessitates human oversight. Teachers, acting as supervisors, could take up the task of keeping an eye on the interactions between the AI and the learners.

Such a collaboration between AI and educators is critical for maximising the effectiveness of AI-powered learning. Furthermore, the vigilance of subject matter experts is crucial in maintaining the quality and relevance of the learning material, thereby ensuring an effective learning experience.

Sanjeev Menon is co-founder and head of product and tech at E42.

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