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Business News/ Money / Personal Finance/  7 money lessons you can learn from Prabhas' Adipurush

7 money lessons you can learn from Prabhas' Adipurush

Remember that money comes and goes, so it's important to build financial resilience by being prudent and sensible with investment decisions.

Money lessons from Prabhas' AdipurushPremium
Money lessons from Prabhas' Adipurush

Everyone knows the story of the Ramayana, but not even in your wildest dreams could you have imagined the awesome khichdi of special effects that this film could accommodate in 179 minutes of running time.

I watched the first day first show of the film directed by Om Raut, and I suddenly realised that it teaches so many money lessons. This film stars Prabhas as Ram, Kriti Sanon as Sita, Saif Ali Khan as Ravan.

The producers had unlimited money. Don’t let that blind you

Looks like the producers had access to lots of money. Since the story is well known, they just needed to make an effort to show it well. They put their money on special effects. 

Alas, they were blinded by special effects borrowed from lots of movies and shows: dragon from Game of Thrones, the Vanar Sena from Planet of the Apes and King Kong, Orcs in Ravan’s army from Lord of the Rings and even the settings: Ravan’s Lanka is all black stone designed to look like Smaug’s castle and the gates look like Mordor from LOTR, Sita is supposed to be in Ashok Vatika, but she’s pining away under cherry blossom (straight out of k-dramas), everyone in Ravan’s army wears masks and armour, steel belts (and yes, Twitterverse is aflame with speculations that Ravan was wearing an H&M tee shirt).

When banks and money schemes offer you shiny glossy brochures and videos with fancy effects, don’t get sidetracked. Stick with the tried and tested methods of investment and don’t let smart talking money men be like the special effects chaps who fooled the producers into believing that they were doing something awesome for Adipurush.

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Don’t be like Ravan. Listen to good advice

Mandodari told Ravan that kidnapping Sita wasn’t a good idea at all. That he was inviting trouble. But Ravan listened to the advice from his sister and yes, the nine other heads that sprouted whenever he needed to think (each head gives him worse and worse advice).

Don’t take advice from voices inside your head (or friends who boast about how they made money on say, crypto). Trust and have a conversation with your life partner who knows you, understands your life situation (and yes, trust your money manager).

I loved the shade that Mandodari throws at Ravan, showing up in widow’s whites just when Ravan is about to go to war with Ram. In your money life, you too will need to look at warning signs that say ‘proceed with caution’.

Sita stepped beyond her boundaries. You shouldn’t

Lakshmanrekha was drawn to keep Sita safe. Gone are the days when people stuffed their money in pillow cases. But even today, it’s so easy to put money in schemes that are unsafe. Putting your money under lock and key in a bank locker may be safe, but if you are going to step beyond the proverbial Lakshmanrekha, then at least know who you are investing your money with. Make sure they are not Ravan dressed up in a sanyasi’s garb.

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Sita wanted the golden deer. Credit cards feel like that today

A shiny golden deer are like credit cards that offer you rewards when you spend more and more money. You will hear about people who get unbelievable rewards from spending on credit cards - hotel stays, holidays, gifts and more - but it’s your money, so don’t run after the rewards, or you’ll lose your biggest asset, your Sita!

Building a Ram Setu. You too can cross oceans

The Vanar sena built a Ram Setu by dropping stones into an ocean. Imagine that your monthly SIPs are like the stones too. Invest long enough with a trusted name (remember the legend? The Vanar sena wrote Ram’s name on the stones so they floated!) and you too will reach your ‘sone ki Lanka’ aka the shining, golden city.

It was odd to see Lanka in the film Adipurush all black and set in stone. An odd thought did cross my mind. Ensure that your greenbacks always land you in black rather than in the red, eh?

Sanjivani to heal battle wounds. Have a plan B

Lakshman gets wounded by Indrajit’s Nag Paash. Sometimes your money can take a hit just like that, considering how markets move. But just as Ram took good advice in the film from Vibhishan’s wife (in the film) and sent Hanuman to bring the Sanjivani from Dronagiri mountain so a healing potion could be made, you too should not give up because you’ve been hit by volatile markets. You must always have a plan B. So you can recover.

What was odd in the film, but made me realise that it was sound advice was Hanuman’s dialogue when he reaches the mountain with Sanjivani herb. Hanuman thinks aloud: Lakshman is injured now and Sanivani will revive him. Many will be injured in battle, so wouldn’t it be better to have more of the healing herb? Let me carry the whole mountain!

How many safety nets you choose to have, depends on how many money battles you choose to wage, isn’t it?

Ram and Ravan in an eternal battle. Which one will you be?

Ram is known as the ‘Maryada Purushottam’ and his investment style will sure be safe. Ravan on the other hand is flamboyant and his interests varied: music, study, money, magic and more. He even wants Sita, who doesn’t belong to him.

It’s your money. You choose to invest it like one of these two.

Manisha Lakhe is a poet, film critic, traveller, founder of Caferati — an online writer’s forum, hosts Mumbai’s oldest open mic, and teaches advertising, films and communication. She can be reached on Twitter at @manishalakhe.

Common mistakes early investors should avoid.
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Common mistakes early investors should avoid.

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