How to view all your MF holdings in one place

Typically, people invest in multiple funds across fund houses through various platforms and using both demat and non-demat accounts.
Typically, people invest in multiple funds across fund houses through various platforms and using both demat and non-demat accounts.


  • Consolidating your MF holdings gives you a centralized view and simplifies personal-finance management.

Mutual funds (MFs) have fast become the preferred vehicle of investment for people wanting a slice of the stock market action. So much so that the MF industry in India has witnessed exponential growth, with assets under management (AUM) reaching an impressive 53.40 trillion as of 31 March, going by data put out by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi). Yet, unlike with their bank accounts, many people find it tough to keep track of their MF investments for various reasons.

Typically, people invest in multiple funds across fund houses through various platforms and using both demat and non-demat accounts. This can lead to the creation of multiple folios, making it a challenging task to track and manage their investments. Getting a centralized view of all your MF holdings in one place can make a lot of things easier.

Graphic: Pranay Bhardwaj
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Graphic: Pranay Bhardwaj

Such a centralized view also helps with asset allocation and diversification, besides performance analysis of your portfolio. It simplifies monitoring of assets, as you no longer need to track multiple statements or logins. Moreover, it facilitates better decision-making, as you can easily identify underperforming funds and rebalance the portfolio accordingly. Additionally, such consolidating also helps streamline tax reporting and documentation.

To generate a consolidated account statement (CAS) of your MF holdings, you can use three platforms: NSDL-CAS, CAMS/KFIN-CAS, and MFCentral CAS. NSDL-CAS is suitable for both demat and non-demat updated holdings across all mutual funds. CAMS and KFIN also offer a similar service for non-demat holdings. In case of MFCentral, you can view demat and non-demat holdings. However, demat holdings in MFCentral are updated once a week in the CAS. Hence, check your latest transactions after seven working days.

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Before generating CAS using these platforms, ensure your contact details, including email and phone number, are updated and are the same across all fund houses and platforms. This will also facilitate easier redemption of funds. Confirm that your email address is registered and validated with all MF houses to receive the CAS statement electronically. Verify your PAN details are updated across all investments, as the CAS statement is generated based on your PAN. Also, ensure all folios are updated with all the required details to avoid missing folios in the CAS statement.

To generate CAS using the NSDL-CAS platform, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, visit and subscribe to the eCAS services. Once subscribed, you will receive the CAS statement monthly on your email. You can also generate it as needed by entering your PAN number by selecting “Track your CAS" on the NSDL-CAS website, enter your PAN and CAS ID, provide your email, select the date for the statement, and submit the request. The NSDL CAS includes all your investments in the securities market, such as equity shares, MF units, bonds, and government securities held in demat form, along with details of your investments in MF units held in non-demat accounts. All investments made in single or joint names with you as the only or first holder can be viewed in NSDL CAS.

For the CAMS/KFIN-CAS platform, the process is slightly different. You need to visit and navigate to the MF Investors section. Then, select the eCAS - CAMS + KFIN option and choose the type of CAS you want (summary or detailed). Enter the date for the statement, provide your email, set a password for the soft copy you will receive on mail, and submit the request. CAMS and KFIN will then mail you a copy of the e-CAS showing your current holdings across all mutual funds to your registered email address.

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Lastly, for the MF CENTRAL-CAS platform, you can visit and login or sign up for an account using your PAN, email or phone number. Then, navigate to the statements section and select the type of CAS you want (summary or detailed). Enter the date for the statement and download the CAS.

If you come across any folios which are missing in any of these CAS statements, chances are they are not updated with your latest contact details. To update the same, you need to visit the nearby RTA office and request a contact update form. After submitting the request, your details will be updated within seven working days.

If you have any MF investments made before 2007, these investments might only have your residential address and bank details updated in the statement. Because details like phone number, email and PAN were not mandatory for MF investments back then. “In these cases, it is difficult to track your MF holdings online. Investors need to approach the RTAs for related AMCs to get the required details updated and view all your holdings. If you don’t remember your folio number, The AMCs where you have made investments might help you find your holdings using your name as per your PAN or Aadhaar which might take quite a long time," says Kartik Sankaran, founder of FiscalFitness, an MF distributor.

Besides this, if you prefer one single platform for all your MF investments, you would get to view all MF holdings at one place using the same platform. “If investors use one single platform, be it CAMS KFIN, Demat, MFcentral or any other adviser’s platform, they can have a centralized view of all their MF holdings at the same platform, without the need to search elsewhere," says Amol Joshi, another MF distributor.


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