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Business News/ Money / Personal Finance/  Kung Fu Panda 4: Four valuable money lessons from Po's journey to becoming the Dragon Warrior

Kung Fu Panda 4: Four valuable money lessons from Po's journey to becoming the Dragon Warrior

Kung Fu Panda 4 features Po seeking a successor while facing a new villain. The importance of trust, succession planning, and portfolio management is highlighted. Zhen's betrayal teaches valuable money lessons. The film combines humor with meaningful messages.

The Lovable Kung Fu Panda Teaches 4 Valuable Money Lessons (
The Lovable Kung Fu Panda Teaches 4 Valuable Money Lessons (

Jack Black’s distinctive voice belting out Britney Spears superhit ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ became an internet sensation way before Kung Fu Panda 4 was released on the big screens everywhere. And the film as always did not disappoint.

Dragon Warrior Po is the hero of the Valley of Peace, signing autographs and opening noodle shops for his two dads. The Furious Five Kung Fu masters - Master Tigress, Master Viper, Master Monkey, Master Mantis and Master Crane - are out on other assignments. Master Shifu has asked the Dragon Warrior Po to find his successor. Po is reluctant because he’s loving his role as the protector. Of course, the peace is disrupted by the arrival of a new villain that helps Po set off for one more adventure.

As Po discovers his inner peace (or is it ‘dinner please’?) and fights this really scary villain, we learn valuable money lessons from the film.

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Time to name your successor, Po!

Master Shifu takes Po aside from his photo sessions and reminds him that the tradition is to move on from his role as Dragon Warrior and become the Spiritual Leader (just as Master Oogway) of the Valley of Peace. Po is reluctant. How can he give up the role - that he loves - to someone else? Even though he’s the best?

In your work life too, it is important to name a successor. You have worked hard to reach the top of the ladder. It is not easy to name someone who may or may not be as skilled as you to inherit your company. As master Shifu explains, ‘You have to train the next Dragon Warrior.’ 

Take your time, understand that someone else must take your place, so groom the one you deem the one who will best succeed you.

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Rule of the street, ‘Don’t trust anyone’  

The wily fox Zhen who takes Po to Juniper City tells Po that he’s too trusting, that he is one of the good guys, then betrays him to the Chameleon. It’s all about Master Oogway’s staff that has the power to connect to the Spiritual Realm (fans will remember that Tai Lung broke the staff in the original Kung Fu Panda film, and it grows back, as it is made from the magical peach tree as it is handed over to Po). The Chameleon wants the power of the staff which is to be handed willingly to the next person.

Trust is a very important thing when it comes to your money. Do not trust your hard earned money to fly-by-night operators. Make sure your money manager, and your bankers and every transaction you make are legit and above board. Or just like Po and Zhen, your ‘wanted’ posters too will be up all over Juniper City.

From pits rise big trees

Po gives Zhen the pit of a peach from the legendary peach tree under which all masters have meditated, telling her that every seed has the ability of growing into bi beautiful trees.

The lesson here is simple. Every portfolio holds the possibility of becoming big. Just as you plant the seed in the right soil, water it, take care of the new leaves that sprout and help the plant to grow, so should you with your portfolio. Keep studying the market, learn to analyse trends and see what is working for you. And just you would trim the branches that will not flower and take care of the rest, you should nurture your portfolio too.

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I’m trying to help you

Zhen tries to make up for her mistake by helping Po and even recruiting the band of thieves (of the adorable trio of wicked rabbits!) to help fight the war with the scary villainous Chameleon. Po is naturally miffed and does not trust her. After all, she betrayed him. 

In real life, we too need people who will help our portfolio grow. Sometimes a stock tip backfires, or the market does not go the way all indicators said it would. What do you do then? It’s a question of trusting your instinct and just as Po does, give that seed another chance to fulfil its destiny. 

The film is as much of a laugh riot as the previous films of the franchise. But it was fun to realise that the concept of having two dads has quietly slipped in through the narrative. As the panda and the goose sit drinking perfect cocktails watching Po and Zhen fight the chameleon army, I realised how amazing animation films have become and how much I am looking forward to Po and Zhen’s to ‘hit me again’ with their next adventure.  

Manisha Lakhe is a poet, film critic, traveller, founder of Caferati — an online writer’s forum, hosts Mumbai’s oldest open mic, and teaches advertising, films and communication. She can be reached on Twitter at @manishalakhe.

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Published: 23 Mar 2024, 10:46 AM IST
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