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Business News/ Money / Personal Finance/  Why should you buy health insurance online? Here are 8 reasons

Why should you buy health insurance online? Here are 8 reasons

Buying health insurance online can be a convenient and streamlined method to obtain coverage for yourself and your family in India.

Buying health insurance online has its own set of benefits.Premium
Buying health insurance online has its own set of benefits.

The insurance industry is undergoing a significant digital transformation, fundamentally altering the way insurance operates for both insurers and policyholders. Gone are the days of extensive paperwork and complex procedures; now, individuals can easily secure essential health insurance coverage right from their fingertips. With just a few clicks, people can explore a wide range of health insurance options, compare policies, and choose the one that best fits their needs. This digital transformation resulting in buying health insurance online offers multiple advantages, some of which include:

Wide range of options

Many health insurance companies provide a wide range of plans, making it challenging to effectively compare features and prices without the use of online resources. Insurance agents often work for specific companies, so their suggestions may lean towards the plans offered by those companies rather than what might be the most suitable options for you. Additionally, meeting with agents from multiple companies can be time-consuming, making it challenging to obtain a comprehensive overview within a reasonable timeframe.

Online insurance comparison platforms enable you to compare plans from different companies side by side, considering your needs, budget, and preferred features. Furthermore, online resources provide impartial reviews of various health insurance plans, assisting you in understanding their advantages and disadvantages. Browsing health insurance company websites directly offers comprehensive details about their plans, benefits, and claim settlement rates.

Easy comparison

Online platforms enable you to compare several health insurance plans from various companies on one screen. This facilitates a clear view of key features, coverage information, and pricing all at once, eliminating the requirement to visit separate company websites or sort through brochures.

Numerous platforms offer straightforward filtering and sorting capabilities. You can tailor plans to match your preferences (such as network hospitals, coverage amount, room type), budget, and chosen features. This allows you to simplify your selections and concentrate on the most appropriate plans.


Conventional ways of purchasing health insurance can result in higher expenses due to various factors, including agent commissions. Insurance agents earn commissions from selling policies, which can raise the overall cost of the policy for you. Additionally, there are operational costs to consider. Expenses related to agent offices, utilities, and other overheads associated with maintaining a physical presence are incorporated into the premium price. Conventional methods may not offer a transparent breakdown of how the premium is calculated, making it challenging to understand where your money is allocated.

Online platforms provide a more economical option by minimizing overhead expenses. By removing the necessity for physical offices and agents, online platforms can optimize their operations and provide reduced premiums. Additionally, online platforms usually offer comprehensive breakdowns of plan costs and inclusions, enabling you to understand precisely what you’re paying for.

Ease of buying

The conventional method of purchasing health insurance in person can require a considerable amount of time. Much relies on the agent’s availability. Aligning your schedule with an insurance agent’s can be challenging. Their working hours may not always match yours, resulting in ongoing communication to determine a convenient meeting time.

Additionally, the insurance process may necessitate several meetings with the agent, particularly if you have inquiries or require explanations about various plans. Moreover, commuting to and from the insurance office can increase the time invested in the process, especially when encountering delays or dealing with paperwork.

In contrast to offline methods, online platforms are accessible around the clock. This enables you to view plans, compare choices, and buy a policy at your leisure, without being limited by business hours or agent schedules.

Additionally, online platforms provide side-by-side comparisons and filtering features, allowing you to efficiently narrow down your options and identify a suitable plan in a shorter period. Furthermore, they enable immediate policy issuance upon online payment, eliminating the requirement for waiting periods or additional visits.

Transparency and clear communication

Transparency stands out as a significant benefit of online insurance platforms. These platforms usually offer detailed breakdowns of each plan, highlighting inclusions (covered items), exclusions (items not covered), sub-limits (limits on specific coverages), deductibles, co-pays, and claim settlement ratios. Such comprehensive information enables you to make well-informed decisions tailored to your requirements.

Convenient access and comparison are facilitated by the availability of all essential information online. This enables you to compare various plans directly and grasp the differences in their coverage. As a result, you can select the plan that aligns best with your budget and healthcare needs.

Immediate help

Online insurance platforms recognize that not everyone feels at ease navigating them independently. Many of these platforms feature a user-friendly interface, making them accessible even to those with limited computer proficiency. Furthermore, comprehensive FAQ sections and support resources are commonly available to address typical questions and assist users throughout the process.

Additionally, live chat support is available. This feature connects you with customer service representatives in real time, enabling you to ask questions and receive prompt clarifications without requiring advanced technical expertise. Many platforms also provide toll-free phone numbers and email support options for those who favour these communication methods.

Immediate coverage

A primary advantage of online platforms is the immediate or nearly immediate issuance of policies upon successful payment. This implies that your basic health insurance coverage usually begins immediately. Nonetheless, although online health insurance provides benefits such as prompt coverage and a simplified process, it’s important to note that there are still waiting periods to take into account, akin to conventional methods.

Certain plans may include a short initial waiting period (e.g., 30 days) before hospitalization coverage becomes effective, irrespective of pre-existing conditions. Nonetheless, this waiting period applies to any medical conditions you had before purchasing the policy. Generally, you cannot claim for treatments related to these conditions until the waiting period has expired.

Increased security

Trusted online platforms employ strong encryption protocols to protect your sensitive information during both transmission and storage. This process encrypts your data, rendering it unreadable to unauthorized individuals.

Unlike paper applications managed by several individuals, online platforms automate a significant portion of the process, reducing the chances of human errors or inadvertent data breaches.

Some insurance companies provide a blend of online and offline support. Whether one opts for online or offline assistance often hinges on understanding the intricacies of insurance and various other factors. Nevertheless, an increasing number of people are transitioning to the online mode to take advantage of the benefits it offers.


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Published: 28 Mar 2024, 09:06 AM IST
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