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Business News/ Money / Personal Finance/  Your Questions Answered: What are the coverage options for buying health insurance with diabetes?

Your Questions Answered: What are the coverage options for buying health insurance with diabetes?

Individuals with a family history of diabetes face increased risks of prediabetes and diabetes. In addition to genetic predisposition, sedentary lifestyles and dietary habits are contributing to elevated rates of pre-diabetes and diabetes among young Indians.

Inactive routines and dietary habits drive heightened rates of pre-diabetes and diabetes in young Indians.

Q. I am 25 years old. What are the key benefits or coverage options I should prioritise when buying health insurance with a family history of diabetes in mind? What value do customised plans offer?

If you have a family health history of diabetes, your chances of developing prediabetes and diabetes are higher.

Besides having a family history, Indians are genetically more predisposed to this disease. A sedentary lifestyle and eating habits are also pushing more young Indians towards pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Insurance coverage for diabetes

A good insurance plan with a rider for diabetes will take care of your hospitalisation arising out of complications associated with diabetes.

It's important to ensure your insurance includes organ transplant coverage, as unmanaged diabetes can seriously damage organs, such as the kidneys. Also, make sure there's coverage for cataracts and be aware of any coverage limits, since diabetes can speed up the development of cataracts.

Customised plans for diabetes

What people (living with diabetes or taking care of parents with diabetes) should consider foremost is having a healthcare plan that can efficiently control diabetes and not let it become a hospitalisation risk.

Access to a good general physician, a diabetes expert, and a nutritional specialist is important. These experts can understand your unique health risks and suggest medicinal and lifestyle changes.

The goal of a customised plan should be twofold:

1) keep you healthy and out of hospitals.2) protect your savings in case you are hospitalised.

If you're getting a health cover for diabetes, it's good to have outpatient coverage in your policy. People with diabetes need regular check-ups, tests, and diet advice. Pick a health plan that pays for these costs.

Matilde Giglio, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Even Healthcare

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