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Business News/ Mutual Funds / From defining goals to assessing risk appetite, 5 key considerations for SIP investments
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From defining goals to assessing risk appetite, 5 key considerations for SIP investments

Factors to consider before investing in SIPs include defining financial goals, assessing risk appetite and diversifying the SIP portfolio.

The first step before investing in SIPs is to define your financial goals. Photo: iStock (iStock)Premium
The first step before investing in SIPs is to define your financial goals. Photo: iStock (iStock)

The festive season brings with it a sense of joy and celebration, and it is also an opportune time for individuals to make wise financial decisions.

Amidst festivals, numerous individuals receive gifts or bonuses from their employers, creating an ideal opportunity to channel these monetary windfalls into systematic investment plans (SIPs).

Given the inherent volatility of the market, SIPs may present a secure refuge for investors, ensuring a stable investment avenue.

On comparing SIPs' monthly contribution in the last seven years, it is observed that the SIP amount has steadily increased from 3,000 crore to more than 16,000 crore by July 2023, as per the data from AMFI.

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Monthly SIP contribution in crore.
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Monthly SIP contribution in crore. (AMFI)

Even though SIPs have become a household name and before embarking on an SIP investment journey, it's important to consider a few important factors to make informed decisions.

Define your financial goals

The first step before investing in SIPs, or any investment vehicle for that matter, is to define your financial goals.

Are you investing for long-term wealth creation, a specific financial milestone like buying a house, funding your child's education, or perhaps for retirement?

Defining your goals will help you choose the right SIP plans, investment horizon, and risk tolerance.

The festive season often prompts impulsive decisions, but aligning your investments with your goals ensures a disciplined approach.

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Assess your risk appetite

Investing involves risk, and your risk tolerance plays a pivotal role in deciding the asset allocation of your SIP portfolio.

The festive season might tempt you to chase high-return opportunities, but it's crucial to assess your risk appetite objectively.

Are you comfortable with the potential fluctuations in the value of your investments, or do you prefer a more stable, conservative approach?

Understanding your risk profile will help you select SIP funds that match your comfort level.

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Diversify your SIP portfolio

The allure of the festive season might lead investors to concentrate their investments in a particular sector or asset class.

However, diversification remains a cornerstone of sound investment strategy.

Diversifying your SIP portfolio across different scheme categories depending upon your risk profile and financial needs may mitigate risks associated with a particular asset class.

It's wise to avoid putting all your financial eggs in one basket, even during the festive zeal.

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Research and evaluate fund houses and schemes

The availability of numerous SIP options can be overwhelming and confusing at times.

During the festive season, there could be a proliferation of special offers and promotions that could influence investment decisions.

It's crucial to know about the fund house, the range of schemes available, the track record, fund management and the terms of the SIP schemes you are considering.

Past performance cannot be a guarantee for future results, at best it can provide insights into a fund's consistency and stability.

Opt for SIPs managed by experienced professionals and backed by reputable fund houses.

Maintain disciplined investing practices

Amidst the festivities and excitement, it's important to maintain disciplined investing practices.

SIPs thrive on consistency and regularity.

The festive season's expenses can sometimes disrupt your investment schedule, leading to missed contributions.

Setting up automated SIPs can help ensure that you stay committed to your investment plan, regardless of the festivities.

Remember that SIPs are designed for the long haul, allowing you to benefit from the power of compounding over time.

In conclusion, investing in SIPs during the festive season can indeed be a rewarding decision.

If undertaken with careful consideration, one can navigate the festive investment landscape effectively.

Remember that time spent in the market is more important than timing the market.

Thus, investing is a marathon, and the principles of sound financial planning will remain the bedrock for investments in all seasons.

This festive season, embark on your SIP journey with wisdom and prudence and pave the way for a brighter financial future.

(The author of this article is Fund Manager - Equity at LIC Mutual Fund)

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Disclaimer: The views and recommendations above are those of the expert, not of Mint. We advise investors to check with certified experts before making any investment decisions.

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Updated: 21 Nov 2023, 01:54 PM IST
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