Mutual Funds: 7 smart SIP strategies can help you stay committed to your financial goals

SIPs offer a disciplined approach to investing in mutual funds, promoting long-term wealth creation. By setting defined financial goals, choosing appropriate funds, and staying updated on market trends, investors can navigate volatility and maximize wealth accumulation potential through SIP.

Nitin Shahi
First Published22 May 2024
Investing in SIPs allows individuals to achieve financial objectives by investing at regular intervals in mutual funds.
Investing in SIPs allows individuals to achieve financial objectives by investing at regular intervals in mutual funds.

Investment is one of the most essential components of financial planning, and the emergence of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) makes it much more accessible and manageable for many. By providing a platform, SIPs turn the tables in how individuals plan and meet their long-term financial goals. This properly structured, flexible, and time-efficient platform provided by SIPs allows investors to attain their prospective life objectives.

SIPs provide an opportunity to invest a stipulated sum at periodic intervals in mutual funds. In other words, SIPs are the opposite of lump-sum investments. The sole purpose of SIPs is to promote discipline and manage the volatility of the markets using rupee cost averaging. This way investors can buy more units when prices drop and fewer when prices go up. With this pattern, investors obtain probably the average size of return during a longer period.

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Factors to consider when choosing SIPs

Establishing achievable and well-defined investment objectives lies at the bottom of sound investing, specifically when one considers the case of SIPs. Regardless of whether the purpose is to accumulate a fund for adventure, to buy a home, to invest in education, or to plan for retirement, clear goals help investors to navigate their journey. 

The choice of SIPs that are in line with personal financial goals is very critical. As there are several different schemes for mutual funds to select from, it is necessary to do thorough research and pick the funds that are in line with goals and risk limits.

Fund performance: Evaluate the historical performance of the fund. Consistent performance over an extended period is a positive indicator.

Expense ratio: This fee is charged by the mutual fund for managing the investment. Lower expense ratios lead to higher net returns.

Fund manager’s track record: The experience and expertise of the fund manager significantly influence the fund's performance.

Diversification: Ensure the fund offers diversification across sectors and asset classes to mitigate risks.

Investment in a disciplined manner: Investing in a disciplined manner involves consistently adhering to a well-defined strategy, regardless of market fluctuations, to achieve long-term financial goals.

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Smart SIP strategies

Define clear financial goals: Prior to beginning with SIP, it is crucial to lay out the goals based on the attainable finances. No matter what the purpose is (for example, putting money aside for old age, buying a house or helping children with their education), setting goals serves as a guide and a driving force for an investor on their journey. SMART goals should be expressed in a manner that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Choose the right funds: Picking the right mutual funds that fit into the risk tolerance and financial goals is equally important. Different funds have different levels of risk, and it can be anything from equity funds which are suitable for aggressive investors to debt funds among the conservative ones. Perform a comprehensive research or ask for a consultation from a professional so as to figure out funds with the consistent performance, low expense ratios, and valid investment philosophy.

Opt for auto-debit facility: To achieve disciplined and organised investing, use the auto-debit mode in which the SIP amount is deducted from bank account on the designated date.

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Review and rebalance regularly: SIP serves as a tool to create a buy-and-hold approach, hence the need to revisit the portfolio at regular intervals to match with the financial goals and risk appetite.

Stay informed and educated: Keep an eye on market trends, economic indicators, and funds' performance to avoid making wrong decisions. Attend seminars, webinars, or sessions run by financial experts, read the relevant literature and use the internet to gain financial knowledge. An investor who has the information is better armed to deal with market uncertainties and make wise investment options.

Avoid emotional investing: Market volatility and fluctuations that are inherent to this market can really make investors give in to emotional impulses. This can lead to the failure of the investment strategy. Do not make impulsive decisions based on the fluctuation of market prices and media outbursts. Keep a long-term perspective when it comes to the financial objectives; stick to the course of action regardless of the market environment.

Increase SIP amount with income growth: When the income gradually increases, raise the SIP proportionately to get more wealth soon. By adjusting the withdrawals exclusively the savings will not be stuck in real value and will be always going along with the goals.

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SIP offers a systematic and disciplined approach to wealth creation, enabling investors to achieve their financial goals with prudence and perseverance. By defining clear goals, selecting suitable funds, embracing automation, staying informed, and exercising discipline, investors can navigate market volatility and maximise their wealth accumulation potential through SIP. Remember, consistency, patience, and a long-term perspective are the cornerstones of successful SIP investing.

Nitin Shahi, Executive Director of findoc

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