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Business News/ News / 12-year-old dies while charging mobile phone in UP. Here's what happened

12-year-old dies while charging mobile phone in UP. Here's what happened

A 12-year-old girl died in India after being electrocuted while charging her phone. It's important to be aware of the potential risks and take necessary precautions to prevent electric shocks. Avoid charging in wet areas, using genuine chargers, and regularly inspecting chargers and cables.

UP girl's life cut short by electric shock while charging mobile phonePremium
UP girl's life cut short by electric shock while charging mobile phone

In a tragic incident, a 12-year-old girl passed away after being electrocuted while charging her mobile phone. She came in contact with a live wire while charging her mobile phone, police stated. 

The incident occurred in Khujeri's Saidpur village, where the girl named Mansi suffered severe burn injuries as a result of the electric shock. Despite being immediately admitted to a hospital, she tragically succumbed to her injuries on Sunday.

Using our phones has become an integral part of our daily lives, but what happens when our trusted devices give us an unexpected shock? With incidents like these, it's important to be aware of the potential risks and take necessary precautions to prevent them.

Reasons behind phone shocks 

Leaking Alternating Current:

 One common cause of electric shocks is a leaking alternating current (AC) from the charger, particularly with AC-DC chargers. When your feet are wet and you touch a charging phone, the current may flow through the phone's metal parts and into your body. While generally not life-threatening, it can lead to an uncomfortable sensation.

Charging in Wet Areas: 

Charging your phone in moist environments, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, increases the risk of electric shock. Wet floors or walls combined with a plugged-in phone can create a potentially hazardous situation. Damp extension cables or chargers can also contribute to tingling sensations when holding your phone.

Using a Faulty Charger: 

A malfunctioning charger, especially one with a frayed wire, can lead to current leakage and electric shocks. To avoid this, it's crucial to use compatible and genuine chargers from reliable sources, as counterfeit or faulty chargers pose a greater risk.

Excessive Charging Patterns:

Continuous charging, such as leaving your phone plugged in for extended periods, can cause the device, charger, or cable to overheat. This can compromise the integrity of the metal components, increasing the likelihood of electric shocks. Charging your phone in bed adds to the risk.

If you have experienced a phone shock, here are some steps to follow:

Remove the Charger:

Immediately unplug the charger to halt the flow of electricity. If the tingling sensation persists after reinserting the charger, it's best to disconnect the phone entirely.

Identify the Cause:

Assess the situation and ensure the area, including the floor, charger, extension cables, and walls, is dry. Check the charger's wire for any cuts or signs of current leakage. Attempt charging your phone in a different location or with an alternative charger to determine if the issue persists.

Seek Professional Assistance:

If you're unable to identify the cause or resolve the problem, contact a qualified repair technician. 

Remember to prioritize your safety by adhering to these precautions:

Avoid charging your phone in wet or moisture-prone areas.

Use genuine chargers from reputable sources.

Do not leave your phone continuously charging for extended periods.

Regularly inspect chargers and cables for damage or signs of wear.

Avoid charging your phone in bed, as it increases the risk of overheating and potential shocks.

Unplug the charger, if you feel an electrical shock while handling your phone.

(With inputs from agencies)


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Updated: 06 Jun 2023, 01:00 AM IST
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