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Business News/ News / Apple Watch saves yet another life; Know how a cyclist was rescued in NYC

Apple Watch saves yet another life; Know how a cyclist was rescued in NYC

Apple Watch's fall detection feature saved a 49-year-old cyclist, Eric Zollinger, in New York City. After a severe fall, the watch alerted emergency services, connecting him with help. Zollinger praised the device's quick response, acknowledging its life-saving capabilities.

An Apple Watch Series 9 (For representation purposes only) (Patrick T. Fallon / AFP)Premium
An Apple Watch Series 9 (For representation purposes only) (Patrick T. Fallon / AFP)

In a recent incident in New York City, the life-saving capabilities of Apple's innovative technology were once again highlighted when a 49-year-old cyclist, Eric Zollinger, experienced a harrowing accident that could have ended tragically if not for his Apple Watch's fall detection feature.

As per a report from The New York Post, Zollinger's evening commute took a serious turn when he encountered a hidden pothole submerged beneath floodwater due to inclement weather. The cyclist was thrown off his bike, crashing onto the pavement in a jolting fall. Despite initially managing to continue his journey home, Zollinger soon realized the severity of his injuries when he noticed significant blood loss from his nose while showering. Moments later, he collapsed, hitting his body against the tub.

Fortunately, Zollinger's Apple Watch sprang into action as soon as it detected the fall, promptly initiating a call to 911 and connecting him with an emergency operator. Regaining consciousness, Zollinger was surprised to hear the operator's voice emanating from his watch, inquiring about his well-being and coordinating necessary assistance. The timely intervention facilitated by the Apple Watch proved crucial in ensuring Zollinger received urgent medical attention.

Expressing his gratitude for the watch's swift response, Zollinger emphasized the pivotal role it played in potentially saving his life. "I don't know how things would have gone for me if the watch hadn't alerted me," remarked the relieved Apple enthusiast, commending the device's ingenuity. "It's very clever of the watch. Apple thinks of everything," he added.

Those who do not know how the fall detection feature works, upon detecting a fall, the watch vibrates, sounds an alarm, and displays an alert to confirm the user's status. If no response is received, the watch automatically contacts emergency services and notifies the user's emergency contacts, ensuring swift assistance in critical moments.



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Published: 19 Apr 2024, 06:11 PM IST
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