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Business News/ News / India/  Agnipath scheme details released: Remuneration, leave, income tax and more

Agnipath scheme details released: Remuneration, leave, income tax and more

The Indian Air Force has released the details of the Agnipath recruitment scheme.

Indian Air Force (IAF) Tejas aircraft demonstrates its skills during the Combined Graduation Parade, at Air Force Academy, in Dundigal on Saturday. (ANI Photo) (Mohammed Aleemuddin)Premium
Indian Air Force (IAF) Tejas aircraft demonstrates its skills during the Combined Graduation Parade, at Air Force Academy, in Dundigal on Saturday. (ANI Photo) (Mohammed Aleemuddin)

The Indian Air Force has released the details of the Agnipath recruitment scheme. Have a look:

1. Agnipath is a new HR Management scheme for the Armed Forces. Candidates inducted through this scheme will be called Agniveers. These Agniveers once enrolled into the Indian Air Force, will be governed under the Air Force Act 1950, for a period of four years. Endeavour will be made to enrol candidates as Agniveers from all parts of the nation, utilising contemporary technology (online STAR exam and associated testing methods), specialised rallies and campus Interviews at recognized technical institutes such as Industrial Training Institutes, NSQF etc. Agniveers would form a distinct rank in the IAF, different from any other existing rank.

2 As part of the enrolment process, each 'Agniveer' will be required to formally accept all terms and conditions of the AGNIPATH Scheme. For personnel below the age of 18 years, the enrolment form will need to be signed by the parents/guardians, in accordance with extant provisions.

3. After the period of four years, all Agniveers will go back to the society. However, based on organisational requirements and policies promulgated by the IAF. Agniveers who have exited will be offered an opportunity to apply for enrolment in the IAF in the regular cadre. The skills gained by each Agniveer will be captured in a certificate to form part of his resume. These applications will be considered by a centralised board in a transparent manner and not more than 25% of the strength of the specific batch of original Agniveers will be enrolled in the IAF based on performance during their four year engagement period as Agniveers.

4 Agniveers will not have any right to be selected for further enrolment into the Armed Forces. Selection will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Government. The enrolment as airmen into the regular cadre of Indian Air Force except for Medical tradesmen, will be available only to those personnel who have completed their engagement period as Agniveers:

5 Eligibility. All India' 'All Classes'.

6. Age Limit, Educational Qualification, Physical Standards. Eligible age will be in a range from 17.5 years to 21 years. Other educational qualifications and physical standards would be issued by the Indian Air Force.

7. Medical Standards. Agniveers will have to meet the medical eligibility conditions laid down for enrolment in the IAF as applicable to respective categories / trades. No permanent Low Medical Category Agniveer will be eligible for continuation of his engagement after being. placed in the Medical Category.

8. Employability. Agniveers enrolled under this entry are liable to be assigned any duty in organisational interest, at the discretion of the IAF.

9. Uniform. To encourage and recognize dynamism of youth, a distinctive insignia will be worn by Agniveers on their uniform during their engagement period.

10. Honours and Awards. Agniveers will be entitled to honours and awards, as per extant guidelines governing the subject for the IAF

11 Training. On being enrolled, individuals will be imparted military training based on organizational requirements.

12 Assessment. IAF will endeavour to maintain a centralised high quality online database of Agniveers and will follow a transparent common assessment methodology. An objective assessment system to ensure fair and impartial assessment will be introduced. Skills attained by Agniveers will be systematically recorded. Broad guidelines will be framed before appointment of the first batch of Agniveers and the same along with any subsequent changes would be circulated

13. Leave. Grant of leave will be subject to exigencies of the organisation. The following leave may be applicable for Agniveers during their engagement period:

Annual Leave. Sick Leave.

30 days per year. Based on medical advice.

14. Medical and CSD Facilities. For the duration of their engagement period in IAF, Agniveers will be entitled for medical facility at

Service Hospitals as well as CSD provisions.

15 Release At Own Request. Release at your own request prior to completion of the engagement period will not be permissible for Agniveers except in exceptional cases, with approval of the Competent Authority.

16. Pay, Allowances and Allied Benefits, Individuals enrolled under this Scheme will be paid an Agniveer package of Rs. 30,000/- per month with a fixed yearly increment. In addition, Risk and Hardship, Dress and Travel allowances will be paid.

17. Agniveer Corpus Fund. A non-lapsable dedicated 'Agniveer Corpus Fund' will be created in the interest bearing section of the Public Account head. The fund will be administered and maintained under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) / DMA. Each Agniveer is to contribute 30% of his monthly income to 'Agniveer Corpus Fund' The Government will provide an interest rate equivalent to the Public Provident Fund on the amount accumulated in the fund.

18. On completion of the engagement period of four years, Agniveers will be eligible to receive Seva Nidhi' package, which shall comprise their contribution (into the Agniveer Corpus Fund) and matching contribution from the Government and interest on the accumulated amount. In case of individuals who are subsequently selected for enrolment into the IAF as regular cadre, the 'Seva Nidhi' package to be paid to them will comprise only of their contribution including accrued interest thereon. The 'Seva Nidhi' will be exempt from Income Tax:

19. In case of Agniveers exiting before the end of their engagement period in their own request, the 'Seva Nidhi' package to be paid to them will comprise only their contribution including accrued interest thereon.

20. Remuneration Package.

Details of monthly remuneration, Agniveer Corpus fund and one-time Seva Nidhl package are indicated below:

Agnipath salary package
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Agnipath salary package

21. Payment Modality-Seva Nidhi' Package. Two options

to receive the Seva Nidhi package will be provided to each Agniveer, with an aim to provide financial loans for self-employment / entrepreneurship through a bank Guarantee as also to meet immediate / incidental expenses, on exit Details will be issued separately by Gol

22 Life Insurance Cover. Agniveers will be provided

Life insurance cover of 48 lakhs for the duration of their engagement period as Agniveers in the IAF

23. Compensation for Death. In case of death, the following will be admissible to Next of Kin (NOK) from the Agniveer Corpus Fund:

(1) Insurance cover as applicable (as per Paragraph 22 above) (ii) All other compensation as per details at para 29 below.

24. Compensation for Disability. In case an individual is placed in

Permanent Low Medical Category (LMC), the authorities will assess the percentage of disability and attributability. Such personnel will be discharged from IAF on medical grounds post payment of lump-sum

compensation as per details listed at para 28 below.

25. Agniveer' Skill Certificate. At the end of the engagement

period, a detailed Skill-set certificate will be provided to the Agniveers, highlighting the skills and level of competency acquired by them during their engagement period.

26. Ex-Agniveers enrolled for Four Years.Ex-Agniveers who

are selected to be enrolled in IAF as regular cadre on completion of four years, will be governed by existing terms and conditions of service of airmen/NCS (E) in the Indian Air Force, as amended from time to time.

27 Categorization of Death The death for the purpose of

of financial benefits to Agniveers will be categorised as follows:


(a) Category X Death due to natural causes neither attributable to nor aggravated by military Service during the engagement period.

(b) Category Y Death due to causes which are accepted

as attributable to or aggravated by military service or due to accidents/mishaps in the performance of duties including training during the engagement period.

(c) Category Z. During the engagement period, death due to acts of violence/attack by terrorists, anti-social elements enemy, during border skirmishes/war/peace keeping operation/aid


Agnipath scheme details Page 6
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Agnipath scheme details Page 6
Agnipath scheme details Page 7
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Agnipath scheme details Page 7

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Published: 19 Jun 2022, 09:44 AM IST
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