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Business News/ News / India/  'Pause before punch. Reflect before react...' Why Anand Mahindra gave life lessons to ex-Jet CEO Sanjiv Kapoor

'Pause before punch. Reflect before react...' Why Anand Mahindra gave life lessons to ex-Jet CEO Sanjiv Kapoor

In a follow-up tweet Sanjiv Kapoor said that Anand Mahindra didn't seem to be mocking Dubai, which the latter acknowledged, adding that the purpose of his post was to highlight the atypical Dubai weather.

File image of Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra speaking at an event (PTI)Premium
File image of Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra speaking at an event (PTI)

Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra had words of wisdom for ex-Jet Airways executive Sanjiv Kapoor, who reacted to the industrialist's social media post on the Dubai rains and flooding.

Mahindra's newest post on social media site X (formerly known as Twitter), came in response to Kapoor's post which said it was a wrong analogy to compare Mumbai with Dubai.

"I’m glad you subsequently retracted your comment implying that I was mocking Dubai, Sanjiv. In fact, the only purpose of my post was to highlight how atypical this weather was for Dubai," Mahindra wrote.

He further used Kapoor's analogy, saying: "For example—to use your own analogy—if it had ever snowed in Mumbai, I might well have said: Nope, Not Oslo, Mumbai. For the very same purpose of highlighting how atypical this weather was for Mumbai; Not to mock Mumbai."

"I recommend that it’s always good to: PAUSE before you PUNCH. REFLECT before you REACT," he added.

What Had Sanjiv Kapoor Said?

The former CEO of Jet Airways, Sanjiv Kapoor, called out Anand Mahindra for "incorrect analogy" after he posted on X saying “Nope. Not Mumbai. Dubai…". Mahindra quoted a video post showing luxury cars, vehicles and trucks submerged in water due to the Dubai floods.

Kapoor reposted that tweet, saying, “Incorrect analogy. Dubai was not built for such heavy rains - rains that would flood most cities. A better analogy would be if it suddenly snowed heavily in Bombay, which was obviously not built to handle snow at all. Would people in snowy Oslo mock Bombay?"

However, in a follow-up post, he did clarify that Mahindra might not be mocking Dubai. “Ok, upon re-reading the post, maybe it is not mocking Dubai. However, the point remains Dubai was not built for heavy rains, no matter what the source of the rain (seeding etc). It would be impractical to build cities to handle any extreme weather scenario, however unlikely," he said.

Dubai Flooded After Unusually Heavy Rains

Unprecedented rainfall in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) brought life to a halt in Dubai. There have been intense debates on a probable cloud seeding project gone wrong among experts. Notably, this was recorded to be the heaviest downpour in the UAE since records began in 1949, as per the Dubai media office.

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The state-run WAM news agency termed the rainfall as “a historic weather event". The widespread rainfall observed across the UAE is attributed to various factors, including cloud seeding. The rain caused chaos for residents as water entered the city’s expensive homes and underground car parks with some buildings also left without power.

Amid the floods, the government schools across UAE will remain closed till April 19. As per WAM, the Emirates School Education Foundation has decided to extend the distance education system for all government schools in the country on April 18 and 19, 2024, to ensure the safety and security of students and teaching staff. Further, the UAE government has also extended remote working for its employees till April 19.

Since 2002, the UAE has conducted seeding operations to tackle water security concerns. However, inadequate drainage in numerous areas can lead to flooding, impacting cities such as Dubai, a prominent global financial and business hub.

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Published: 18 Apr 2024, 02:11 PM IST
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