Bengaluru: The general public at Church Street, located in the central business district of Bengaluru, were taken by surprise on Tuesday by graffiti against the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act and anti-National Register of Citizens (NRC) scribbled on the walls of an abandoned building in the area.

‘No CAA, No NRC’, ‘I will not show my papers’, ‘Detention Camps’, among others, were painted on the walls. Slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, union home minister Amit Shah and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were also spotted. There was a “Free Kashmir" graffiti as well.

Police were quick to arrive at the spot.

The graffiti came up a day after Shah warned of strict action against anyone who raises anti-India slogans.

“We were also just informed about this and we are unsure who could have done this," said a police official at the spot, requesting not to be named.

The shutters on the walls of what used to be Shrungar Plaza was already full of graffiti before this incident. It is a popular spot with youngsters, often seen clicking pictures, selfies and sometimes even shooting amateur music and dance videos.

“This area is under CCTV surveillance’, reads one of the signboards on a lamp post on Church Street but there are no cameras above it.

A girl in Mysuru was recently served a notice after she was spotted carrying a ‘Free Kashmir’ poster in an anti-CAA-NRC rally.

Bengaluru, among other places in the country, has seen rising protests against the contentious Act and the NRC exercise. Though protests against the Act has taken violent turns in other parts of the country, they have been largely peaceful in Bengaluru.