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The date for Ramadan fasting changes every year as Muslims follow the Islamic calendar which is based on the lunar cycle or phases of the moon. Therefore, the start and end date of Ramadan depend upon the sighting of the crescent moon. Typically, the crescent of Ramadan is first sighted in Saudi Arabia and certain parts of India, as well as some Western countries. It is then usually sighted a day later in the rest of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other nations.

On March 22, the crescent moon of Ramadan 2023 was sighted in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UK and other Muslim-majority countries. Consequently, these nations are preparing to observe the first fast of Ramadan 2023 on March 23, while taraweeh prayers will begin after sunset on March 22. 

As the crescent moon was not sighted in India, Bangladesh, and other South Asian countries on that night, Ramadan, also known as Ramazan, Ramzan, or Ramzaan, will commence in these nations on March 24, during Ramadan 1444 AH.

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Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia were expected to sight the Ramadan moon on March 22. However, since the crescent was not sighted after sunset on that day, which is the 29th day of Sha’ban 1444 Hijri, the first fast will be observed on March 24. Taraweeh prayers in these countries will begin from the evening of March 23.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, during which Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, evil thoughts and actions, and having marital relations from dawn until sunset. 

It is a time for self-reflection and spiritual growth, during which Muslims spend more time in prayer and reading the Quran. Many mosques offer additional services during Ramadan, including Taraweeh prayers, which are special nightly prayers that are longer than the usual daily prayers.

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Check out the complete Sehri and Iftar timings for major Indian cities from March 23, 2023 to April 22, 2023. Kindly note that, since Sehri concludes one minute earlier and Iftar begins one minute later, there is a preventive difference of one minute between the two. It is always advisable to seek a second opinion from your neighbourhood mosque.

124-Mar5:01 AM6:35 PM5:26 AM6:52 PM5:04 AM6:29 PM5:00 AM6:21 PM4:22 AM5:50 PM5:10 AM6:32 PM5:08 AM6:41 PM4:05 AM5:37 PM
225-Mar5:00 AM6:36 PM5:25 AM6:52 PM5:04 AM6:29 PM4:59 AM6:21 PM4:21 AM5:50 PM5:09 AM6:32 PM5:07 AM6:41 PM4:04 AM5:37 PM
326-Mar4:59 AM6:37 PM5:24 AM6:52 PM5:03 AM6:29 PM4:58 AM6:21 PM4:20 AM5:51 PM5:09 AM6:32 PM5:06 AM6:42 PM4:03 AM5:38 PM
427-Mar4:58 AM6:37 PM5:23 AM6:52 PM5:02 AM6:29 PM4:58 AM6:21 PM4:19 AM5:51 PM5:08 AM6:32 PM5:05 AM6:42 PM4:02 AM5:38 PM
528-Mar4:56 AM6:38 PM5:23 AM6:53 PM5:01 AM6:30 PM4:57 AM6:21 PM4:18 AM5:51 PM5:07 AM6:32 PM5:04 AM6:43 PM4:01 AM5:39 PM
629-Mar4:55 AM6:38 PM5:22 AM6:53 PM5:00 AM6:30 PM4:56 AM6:21 PM4:17 AM5:52 PM5:06 AM6:32 PM5:03 AM6:43 PM4:00 AM5:39 PM
730-Mar4:54 AM6:39 PM5:21 AM6:53 PM4:59 AM6:30 PM4:56 AM6:21 PM4:16 AM5:52 PM5:06 AM6:32 PM5:01 AM6:44 PM3:59 AM5:40 PM
831-Mar4:53 AM6:39 PM5:20 AM6:53 PM4:58 AM6:30 PM4:55 AM6:21 PM4:14 AM5:52 PM5:05 AM6:32 PM5:00 AM6:44 PM3:57 AM5:40 PM
91-Apr4:51 AM6:40 PM5:19 AM6:53 PM4:58 AM6:30 PM4:54 AM6:21 PM4:13 AM5:53 PM5:04 AM6:32 PM4:59 AM6:45 PM3:56 AM5:41 PM
102-Apr4:50 AM6:40 PM5:18 AM6:54 PM4:57 AM6:30 PM4:53 AM6:21 PM4:12 AM5:53 PM5:04 AM6:32 PM4:58 AM6:45 PM3:55 AM5:41 PM
113-Apr4:49 AM6:41 PM5:17 AM6:54 PM4:56 AM6:31 PM4:53 AM6:22 PM4:11 AM5:53 PM5:03 AM6:32 PM4:57 AM6:46 PM3:54 AM5:42 PM
124-Apr4:48 AM6:42 PM5:16 AM6:54 PM4:55 AM6:31 PM4:52 AM6:22 PM4:10 AM5:54 PM5:02 AM6:32 PM4:55 AM6:46 PM3:53 AM5:42 PM
135-Apr4:46 AM6:42 PM5:15 AM6:54 PM4:54 AM6:31 PM4:51 AM6:22 PM4:09 AM5:54 PM5:01 AM6:33 PM4:54 AM6:47 PM3:52 AM5:43 PM
146-Apr4:45 AM6:43 PM5:14 AM6:55 PM4:53 AM6:31 PM4:51 AM6:22 PM4:08 AM5:54 PM5:01 AM6:33 PM4:53 AM6:47 PM3:50 AM5:43 PM
157-Apr4:44 AM6:43 PM5:13 AM6:55 PM4:52 AM6:31 PM4:50 AM6:22 PM4:07 AM5:55 PM5:00 AM6:33 PM4:52 AM6:48 PM3:49 AM5:44 PM
168-Apr4:42 AM6:44 PM5:13 AM6:55 PM4:52 AM6:32 PM4:49 AM6:22 PM4:06 AM5:55 PM4:59 AM6:33 PM4:51 AM6:48 PM3:48 AM5:44 PM
179-Apr4:41 AM6:44 PM5:12 AM6:55 PM4:51 AM6:32 PM4:48 AM6:22 PM4:05 AM5:56 PM4:59 AM6:33 PM4:49 AM6:49 PM3:47 AM5:44 PM
1810-Apr4:40 AM6:45 PM5:11 AM6:56 PM4:50 AM6:32 PM4:48 AM6:22 PM4:04 AM5:56 PM4:58 AM6:33 PM4:48 AM6:49 PM3:46 AM5:45 PM
1911-Apr4:39 AM6:45 PM5:10 AM6:56 PM4:49 AM6:32 PM4:47 AM6:22 PM4:03 AM5:56 PM4:57 AM6:33 PM4:47 AM6:50 PM3:44 AM5:45 PM
2012-Apr4:37 AM6:46 PM5:09 AM6:56 PM4:48 AM6:32 PM4:46 AM6:22 PM4:02 AM5:57 PM4:56 AM6:33 PM4:46 AM6:50 PM3:43 AM5:46 PM
2113-Apr4:36 AM6:47 PM5:08 AM6:56 PM4:47 AM6:33 PM4:46 AM6:22 PM4:01 AM5:57 PM4:56 AM6:33 PM4:45 AM6:51 PM3:42 AM5:46 PM
2214-Apr4:35 AM6:47 PM5:07 AM6:57 PM4:47 AM6:33 PM4:45 AM6:22 PM4:00 AM5:57 PM4:55 AM6:33 PM4:43 AM6:51 PM3:41 AM5:47 PM
2315-Apr4:34 AM6:48 PM5:06 AM6:57 PM4:46 AM6:33 PM4:44 AM6:23 PM3:59 AM5:58 PM4:54 AM6:33 PM4:42 AM6:52 PM3:40 AM5:47 PM
2416-Apr4:32 AM6:48 PM5:05 AM6:57 PM4:45 AM6:33 PM4:43 AM6:23 PM3:58 AM5:58 PM4:54 AM6:33 PM4:41 AM6:52 PM3:39 AM5:48 PM
2517-Apr4:31 AM6:49 PM5:04 AM6:58 PM4:44 AM6:34 PM4:43 AM6:23 PM3:57 AM5:58 PM4:53 AM6:34 PM4:40 AM6:53 PM3:38 AM5:48 PM
2618-Apr4:30 AM6:49 PM5:04 AM6:58 PM4:43 AM6:34 PM4:42 AM6:23 PM3:56 AM5:59 PM4:52 AM6:34 PM4:39 AM6:53 PM3:36 AM5:49 PM
2719-Apr4:29 AM6:50 PM5:03 AM6:58 PM4:42 AM6:34 PM4:41 AM6:23 PM3:55 AM5:59 PM4:52 AM6:34 PM4:38 AM6:54 PM3:35 AM5:49 PM
2820-Apr4:28 AM6:51 PM5:02 AM6:58 PM4:42 AM6:34 PM4:41 AM6:23 PM3:54 AM6:00 PM4:51 AM6:34 PM4:36 AM6:54 PM3:34 AM5:50 PM
2921-Apr4:26 AM6:51 PM5:01 AM6:59 PM4:41 AM6:35 PM4:40 AM6:23 PM3:53 AM6:00 PM4:50 AM6:34 PM4:35 AM6:55 PM3:33 AM5:50 PM
3022-Apr4:26 AM6:52 PM5:01 AM7:00 PM4:40 AM6:36 PM4:39 AM6:23 PM3:52 AM6:01 PM4:49 AM6:35 PM4:34 AM6:56 PM3:32 AM5:51 PM
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Updated: 23 Mar 2023, 10:52 AM IST
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