New Delhi: To provide relief to passengers complaining of “excessive announcements" on the Metro network, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has decided to reduce the number of announcements inside trains on the Magenta Line from today.

PTI reports, 34 audio and video announcements are made during the 57-minute journey on the Magenta Line. The line connects Janakpuri West in Delhi to Botanical Garden in Noida.

The PTI report claimed, DMRC has decided to reduce audio announcements to "only seven" as a trial for three months from today. There will be twenty-five video announcements, a senior official told PTI.

Commuters say "excessive announcements" can be done away with, now that people are largely familiar with the Delhi Metro. Announcements welcoming commuters to the metro, and urging them to use smart cards and deposit tokens on exit fall in this category.

Delhi Metro makes regular in-train announcements to inform passengers about departure and arrival. There are other announcements, when the train is running, about various issues. DMRC said, mandatory announcements about "next station, door-opening side, destination station, and terminal station" will continue in both audio and video formats, the PTI report said.

Based on feedback received, DMRC will decide whether to implement it on the Pink Line — Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar — as well after three months and eventually on other lines of the network.