New Delhi: Mumbai International Airport Ltd. (MIAL), which operates the country's second largest airport, on Friday said that full emergency was declared for IndiGo's flight plying between Chandigarh to Mumbai.

“Full emergency was declared for IndiGo 6E flight number 463 at 16:28 Hrs. IST. The IndiGo Airlines’ flight landed safely at 16:44 Hrs. on RWY 27 and was fully parked. Following which the full emergency was withdrawn at 16:47 Hrs," MIAL said in a statement.

MIAL however didn't elaborate on the cause of the emergency.

"Upon descent of flight 6E-463 from Chandigarh to Mumbai, the captain received a precautionary warning for engine no. 1 and following necessary SOP’s, he asked for a priority landing in Mumbai. There was no inflight shut down and no emergency was declared. The aircraft proceeded to the planned bay and passengers disembarked normally. In any event, the aircraft is currently being checked by the maintenance team," an IndiGo spokesperson said.

According to a source, who spoke under the condition of annonimity, the emergency was caused due to an engine problem on the Airbus A320 Neo.