NEW DELHI : Young Indians are swiping right on dating app basis not just shared interest but also social causes revealed dating app Tinder in its ‘Year in swipe’ study. The word ‘environment’ was the number one mentioned cause-related word on Tinder possibly because of hazardous air pollution and high AQI levels, or activists around the world talking about climate change. Being conscious of environment preservation became the new cool on the app with Gen Z advocacy-driven bios trending on the app.

Other key causes include Article 377 that decriminalization of homosexuality, equality, climate change, volunteer, Friday Future and Make a difference. In fact, 30% more people used Tinder’s more genders feature this year compared to last, as a way to best reflect their authentic selves.

To make their bios interesting on the app, young users are incorporating popular slangs in their bio to find matches. The findings reflect how app’s key target audience aged between 18 and 25 years express themselves. Travel, for instance, emerged as the most mentioned word on Tinder bio this year in India and the term wanderlust trailing close behind. The other popular terms young users are using on Tinder to define themselves include popular slangs such as lit (which stands for exciting), flex (to show off), woke and snacc (attractive person) among others. Sapiosexual and Not Here for Hookups were also mentioned this year in bios.

Feminism also emerged as one of the top trending words mentioned in bios in 2019. Female icons such singer Arianne Grande and Beyonce were mentioned three times more by Gen Z than millenials and eternal gratitude to the former for her moving on catchphrase which slid in at fourth spot.

Major entertainment events of 2019 also turned out to be the ultimate icebreakers on Tinder. From Game of Thrones popular character Arya Stark taking out the Night King to the Sacred Games Season 2 launch, Tinder users watched and listened to not only defined their year but also how they connected with each other. Stranger Things, Avengers End Game, Prateek Kuhad, Gully Boy, Vicky Kaushal and Marie Kondo were other key personalities which were other key icebreakers.

The ICC Cricket World Cup was the number one mentioned event in 2019 and ISRO had equal mention across age categories and genders on Tinder. FIFA World Cup, elections, How’s the Josh and Goa Plans were other key mentioned events.