NEW DELHI: The government on Thursday sought views on a set of proposals aimed at making airports and the aviation industry less polluting.

In a white paper titled ‘National Green Aviation Policy’, the government said airlines should use modern, less noisy and more fuel efficient aircraft while all new and upcoming airports should have clean energy generation projects on their site. The policy, however, does not propose any carbon tax on the industry.

It said that air safety watchdog the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) should work with the oil ministry and private agencies to facilitate availability of commercially viable bio jet fuels.

“All aviation stakeholders shall also explore possibilities of use of bio-fuel and other alternate fuels with lower emissions for ground vehicle application," said the policy.

It said that companies in the sector should chose sustainable sites for new airports and adopt green building plans.

The civil aviation ministry will create a simplified regulatory regime to speed up clearances for airport development and other aviation projects while taking due care of environment sustainability, the white paper said.

India is one of the fastest growing domestic aviation markets and is projected to become the world's third largest air passenger market in 10 years.

As part of the proposed green aviation policy, the DGCA would assess and understand emissions from all aviation related sources and their contribution to the local air quality.

"DGCA will work with aviation stakeholders and other government authorities with framework to adopt measures to reduce emissions in all areas -- aircraft, ground support, airport infrastructure and landside access traffic," it added.