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RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat (ANI)
RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat (ANI)

India's benevolence should not be considered weakness, says Mohan Bhagwat

  • The RSS sarsanghchalak said the defence forces, the government and people have remained unfazed and responded sharply to China’s efforts to invade the territory of India

Coming in support of the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) on the ongoing border dispute with China, Mohan Bhagwat, the chief, or sarsanghchalak, of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), on Sunday said that benevolence of India and friendly ties with neighbours should not be considered a weakness.

Speaking to swayamsevaks, the members of the organization, on the occasion of Vijay Dashmi—which is also the foundation day of RSS—Bhagwat said the defence forces, the government and people have remained unfazed and responded sharply to China’s efforts to invade the territory of India.

"The message sent by our leaders with a sense of self-respect and the indomitable ethical-patience of our citizens must compel China to reform its attitude. But if push comes to shove we will not fall short of alertness, firmness and readiness," said Bhagwat in his annual speech on Dussehra in Nagpur. RSS is the ideological parent of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The sarsanghchalak further said that it was in the nature of India to have friendly ties with all countries, especially neighbouring countries but the forces that are trying to disintegrate India would have realized by now that they will not succeed.

"We intend to be friendly with all. This is our nature. But mistaking our benevolence for weakness and attempts to disintegrate or weaken us by sheer brute force is unacceptable. Our reckless detractors should know this by now," Bhagwat added.

Bhagwat also said that the only way to neutralize the threat from China was to become economically and strategically stronger, and that the Union government and policymakers were moving in this direction.

"Rising above China economically and strategically, securing cooperative ties with our neighbours, and [improving] international relations is the only way to neutralize the expansionist aspirations of China and our present policies seem to be charting those very horizons," said Bhagwat.

In the course of his nearly-80-minute speech, Bhagwat also supported the move of the Union government over abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and passage of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Parliament. Bhagwat further said that the Supreme Court judgement on construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya is a welcome step and that all communities and people had accepted the decision while maintaining social harmony and peace. Bhagwat also supported the move of the government towards self reliance and greater emphasis on local for vocal slogan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"Many noteworthy incidents such as abrogation of Article 370 following due parliamentary procedures, Bhoomipujan for grand Ram Mandir based on Supreme Court’s unambiguous judgement and the lawful passage of CAA took place during the last year. CAA does not oppose any particular religious community but those who wanted to oppose this new law misled our Muslim brothers by propagating a false notion that it was aimed at restricting the Muslim population," the sarsanghchalak said.

Bhagwat also cautioned that opportunists had unleashed organized violence in the name of protests against CAA. He also pointed out that while political differences and attempts to corner the Union government were signs of democracy, there should be no attempt to divide communities and people in the name of religion, caste and region.

"Even before something could be thought out, corona crept in. In the background, the efforts by rioters and opportunists to reignite the conflict still continue. Those misaligned with or opposed to our socio-cultural values have, while professing to be the champions of democracy and secularism continued to fool and confuse people. Ambedkar used the phrase grammar of anarchy to describe the actions of such elements," said Bhagwat.

Clarifying the stand of RSS on Hindutva, Bhagwat said the organization believes in social harmony, peace and diversity. He said there were people trying to misuse the social, cultural and regional diversity of the country to create a separate identity of the people in the name of region, language, religion and caste.

"Hindu is not the name of some sect or denomination, not a provincial conceptualization, neither a single caste’s lineage nor privilege of speakers of a specific language. It is a common denominator that honours and encompasses innumerable distinct identities. When Sangh says Hindustan is Hindu Rashtra it does not have any political or power-centered concept in its mind. Hindutva is the essence of ‘swa’ (self-hood). We are plainly acknowledging the selfhood of the country as Hindu," added Bhagwat.

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