Indian Railways has decided to make 2020 a happy new year for all the passengers travelling by the by Coimbatore –Bengaluru double-decker Uday Express

In a statement issued by the Southern Railway Zone, it said that the Indian Railways has decided to grant a 25% discount on base fare of Train No.22666, the Coimbatore – KSR Bengaluru Uday Express.

However, the reduced base fare will only be applicable to passengers travelling on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The reduced base fare will come into effect from 09 April 2020. The current fare of the Uday Express from Coimbatore to Bengaluru is 555 and the base fare is 443. The remaining charges include a reservation charge of 40, a Superfast charge of 45 and GST of 27. The 22666 Coimbatore – KSR Bengaluru Uday Express runs six days a week with Wednesday the only day on which the train doesn’t run.

The train covers the distance between Coimbatore and Bengaluru in approximately seven hours. Uday Express has five stoppages between Coimbatore and Bengaluru. The train begins its journey at 5:45 in the morning from Coimbatore and arrives at Bengaluru at 12.40 in the afternoon.

The Uday Express after leaving Coimbatore next stops at Tiruppur, Erode, followed by Salem, Kuppam and Krisnarajapuram before terminating its journey at Bengaluru.

The first Uday Express was a specially-designed air-conditioned chair car which started service between Coimbatore and Bangalore in June 2018. The trains are primarily allocated to routes with heavy passenger traffic.

The double-decker Uday Express train has a tab operated automatic vending machine which is a first for a train running on the Indian Railways network. Passengers can choose the items from the list available and add them to their respective carts, once the payment is done, the machines automatically dispense the items.