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Business News/ News / India/  Manipur Violence: ‘We are INDIA, will help heal Manipur’, Rahul Gandhi's jibe at PM Modi

Manipur Violence: ‘We are INDIA, will help heal Manipur’, Rahul Gandhi's jibe at PM Modi

Manipur Violence updates: Tension rises in Manipur's hills as a video emerged on social media, depicting men from one community parading two women from the opposing side naked. The ITLF plans a protest march to draw attention to their plight.

Opposition MPs from the Rajya Sabha continue their sit-in protest on the Parliament premises over the Manipur violence on Tuesday. Premium
Opposition MPs from the Rajya Sabha continue their sit-in protest on the Parliament premises over the Manipur violence on Tuesday.

Manipur Violence updates: Reacting to recent incidents of violence against women in Manipur and other states, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Sunday said that his head hangs in shame, adding that he is confident that law and order enforcement agencies will be working to bring the culprits to book.

"My head hangs in shame, not just Manipur, I do not have words to express my pain and anguish. How can somebody be so inhuman and brute to deal with women in such a manner", the Kerala Governor said.

Tension escalated in Manipur's hills as a video of May 4 emerged on social media, showing men from one community parading two women naked from the opposing side.

On of the survivor, who luckily escaped, said. “When we resisted, they told me: ‘If you don’t take off your clothes, we will kill you’, Then as she obeyed them to “protect herself", the men allegedly slapped and punched her.

She added that the men dragged to a paddy field near the road and asked her to “lie down" there. “I did as they told me, and three men surrounded me… One of them told the other, ‘let’s rape her."

Meanwhile, the Police registered main suspect, Heradas (32), has been arrested in Thoubal district. And CM Biren Singh promised to take strict action against the accused.

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25 Jul 2023, 10:48:00 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Protest rally in Assam over Manipur video

On Tuesday, a massive demonstration took place in the Dima Hasao district of Assam in response to a viral video from Manipur depicting a mob forcing two women to parade naked. The protestors strongly advocated for severe punishment to be imposed on those responsible for this heinous act. Led by the Dima Hasao Joint Women's Organization, the rally traversed through the main streets of Haflong, with active participation from various communities in the region.

The demonstrators assembled at Lalfield and proceeded to march towards Synod Rotary and Council Rotary, eventually returning to the initial starting point.

25 Jul 2023, 10:26:33 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Imphal-based COCOMI urges Centre not to hold talks with Kuki militants

The Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), a coalition comprising various civil society organizations located in Imphal, made a fervent plea to the Central Government on Tuesday, advising against engaging in discussions with Kuki militant groups. They argue that these organizations bear responsibility for the ongoing unrest in the state. Additionally, the influential COCOMI, which represents the Meitei community that constitutes the majority in Manipur, has asserted that the members of the Kuki militant groups are deemed as "outsiders" or "foreigners" in the context of the state.

“We have received inputs from sources in the media that the government of India is scheduled to hold talks with the Kuki outfits on Wednesday. We are totally against it," COCOMI Convenor Jitendra Ningomba told a press conference at Imphal.

25 Jul 2023, 09:42:59 PM IST

Manipur Violence: CPI (ML) leader says Strife quite similar to Gujarat riots of 2002

CPI(ML) Liberation general secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya on Tuesday likened the ethnic strife in Manipur to communal riots that broke out in Gujarat when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the western state's chief minister.

Addressing a press conference here, he claimed that "politics of ethnic cleansing" in the north-eastern state will become "a major issue" in the forthcoming elections just as the 2002 riots had dominated the discourse during the Lok Sabha polls of 2004.

25 Jul 2023, 08:41:11 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Haven't considered pulling out of NDA so far says Mizoram CM

Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga made it clear that his party, MNF, has not yet entertained the idea of withdrawing from the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). As of now, MNF remains a participant in the NDA at the national level and a member of the BJP-led North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) in the regional context.

During a conversation with reporters while attending a large demonstration in Aizawl regarding the violence in neighboring Manipur, Zoramthanga stated that any decision to sever ties with the NDA would be contingent upon political circumstances and necessity.

25 Jul 2023, 08:13:22 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Opposition likely to move no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha 

The 26 opposition parties in INDIA is making preparations to present a notice of a no-confidence motion against the government in Lok Sabha. The purpose behind this move is to compel Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the Parliament regarding the Manipur violence. According to senior leaders of the front, they have already drafted the notice and are currently in the process of obtaining the required 50 signatures of Members of Parliament (MPs). 

To have the notice read out by the speaker in the House on Wednesday, the alliance must submit it before 10 am on that day.

25 Jul 2023, 07:53:05 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Smriti Irani says Union Home Minister is ready for discussion 

25 Jul 2023, 07:19:09 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Amit Shah says govt ready to discuss Manipur issue

25 Jul 2023, 06:52:01 PM IST

Manipur Violence: AAP workers hold candlelight protests 

25 Jul 2023, 06:30:56 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Govt conditionally allowing internet in a liberalised manner

Manipur government orders earlier suspension of Broadband internet service be "lifted conditionally in a liberalised manner"

25 Jul 2023, 05:51:48 PM IST

Manipur Violence: AAP launches protests in Delhi

25 Jul 2023, 05:37:29 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Congress says govt should take initiative to discuss on these incidents in Lok Sabha

"The government is saying that they are ready for discussion but it's not a matter of discussion..but a matter of responsibility..we don't want a talk out in the house but we want responsibility for Manipur situation...There are many such questions which PM is duty-bound to answer...the PM should himself come and take initiative to discuss on these incidents in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha...," Congress MP Manish Tewari said 

25 Jul 2023, 04:30:02 PM IST

Manipur Violence: ‘Why PM is hesitating to come to Parliament’ asks Congress

"If there is instability in northeast then it affects national security of India..whenever peace deteriorates in the border states of India...the effect is negative..and it is far-reaching...If the PM believes that his head bows in shame regarding the Manipur incident, then why is he hesitating to come to the House and say this?..." Congress MP Manish Tewari said 

25 Jul 2023, 03:51:47 PM IST

Manipur Violence: ‘We will help heal Manipur…’ says Rahul Gandhi

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a jibe at opposition's INDIA bloc, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge hit back hinting that the PM is trying to divert attention and said, ‘We are talking about Manipur, while he is talking about East India Company.’ Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi responded saying, ‘We will rebuild the idea of India in Manipur’. Read More

25 Jul 2023, 03:16:19 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Kharge, Goyal exchange barbs in Rajya Sabha over debate on Manipur

Leader of the House, Piyush Goyal, and Leader of the Opposition, Mallikarjun Kharge, engaged in a heated exchange of remarks during the Rajya Sabha session on Tuesday. The subject of their dispute was the debate on Manipur. Kharge insisted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be present for the discussion, while Goyal retorted by bringing up the topic of atrocities on women in states governed by the opposition.

The uproar from the opposition began during the Question Hour when the House convened at noon. Members of the Congress and other like-minded parties raised slogans focusing on the issue of Manipur.

Kharge pointed out that more than 50 members had submitted notices for discussing the Manipur issue under rule 267, but the government seemed unwilling to address it. In response, Goyal countered by mentioning that Union Home Minister Amit Shah was prepared to discuss matters related to atrocities on women in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, and West Bengal.

25 Jul 2023, 02:46:28 PM IST

Manipur Violence: Opposition parties likely to submit notice of no-confidence motion against govt in LS

Some parties of the opposition INDIA alliance are likely to move a notice for a no-confidence motion against the government in the Lok Sabha in an attempt to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak in Parliament on the Manipur violence, sources said on Tuesday.

25 Jul 2023, 02:35:21 PM IST

Thousands of people demonstrate across Mizoram over Manipur violence, CM also joins

Manipur News Live: Thousands of people demonstrated across Mizoram on Tuesday to express solidarity with the Zo people in ethnic strife-torn Manipur.

NGO Co-ordination Committee, a conglomerate of five major civil society organisations including the Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA) and Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), organised the rallies in different parts of the state, including capital Aizawl.

25 Jul 2023, 02:20:46 PM IST

Speaker's meeting fails to end logjam in Lok Sabha

The impasse in Lok Sabha continued on Tuesday as government and opposition leaders stuck to their stand on the issue of Manipur violence at a meeting convened by Speaker Om Birla.

25 Jul 2023, 02:09:36 PM IST

‘PM has time to speak in the US Parliament, but not here’: Surjewala

Manipur News Live: Congress MP Randeep Surjewala says, "PM is insulting the country, freedom fighters... He has time to speak in the US Parliament but does not have time to speak on Manipur in the Parliament of the country. Why does he hate the Indian Constitution and Parliament?"

25 Jul 2023, 01:48:54 PM IST

‘We will help Manipur heal…’: Rahul Gandhi's jibe at PM Modi

Manipur News Live: Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi tweets "Call us whatever you want, Mr. Modi. We are INDIA. We will help heal Manipur and wipe the tears of every woman and child. We will bring back love and peace for all her people. We will rebuild the idea of India in Manipur"

25 Jul 2023, 01:48:14 PM IST

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi gives advice to PM Modi on Manipur issue

Manipur News Live: "Instead of addressing his members of parliament in Delhi, my advice to PM is to meet your MLAs from Manipur. They've been camping in Delhi and you've refused to meet them. Your MLAs' have been beaten up but nobody from your party goes on to look after them... Today, the conflict has spread to Assam and Mizoram. People from Manipur have been asked to leave Mizoram. People from Mizoram who are living in Assam are being threatened," said Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi.

25 Jul 2023, 01:37:48 PM IST

AAP workers protest over Manipur issue in Chandigarh | Watch

25 Jul 2023, 01:29:10 PM IST

‘INDIA demands answers from the Modi Government on Manipur violence’: Kharge

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make a "comprehensive" statement in both houses of Parliament on the violence in Manipur.

"Stories of absolute horror are now slowly trickling down. INDIA demands answers from the Modi Government on Manipur violence," he said on Twitter.

25 Jul 2023, 01:06:25 PM IST

Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 pm on Manipur issue

Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 pm amid sloganeering by Opposition MPs demanding discussion on the Manipur issue.

25 Jul 2023, 01:02:09 PM IST

‘We want discussion on Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Manipur as well’: Piyush Goyal 

Union Minister Piyush Goyal in the Parliament, says "Home Minister Amit Shah will speak on the Manipur issue. We want a discussion on the atrocities against women in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Manipur as well.

25 Jul 2023, 12:54:05 PM IST

‘We are talking about Manipur, but PM is…’: Kharge

Manipur News Live: LoP Rajya Sabha & Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge in Parliament, says, "So many representatives are giving notices under 267 in Parliament. We are talking about Manipur, but the Prime Minister is talking about East India Company"

25 Jul 2023, 12:43:31 PM IST

‘Seems they want to remain…’: PM Modi tears into Opposition as Parliament logjam continues

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday came down heavily on the Opposition over the continued disruptions and ruckus in Parliament over the Manipur issue, claiming that their conduct suggests that they have decided to remain in the Opposition.

25 Jul 2023, 12:29:19 PM IST

Locals in Aizawl protest over the Manipur issue | Watch video

25 Jul 2023, 12:17:24 PM IST

6 wagons carrying onions sent to Manipur from Maharashtra

The Central Railway has sent six wagons loaded with onions to Manipur from Manmad in Maharashtra's Nashik district, a CR official said on Tuesday.

In the wake of the prevailing law and order situation in Manipur leading to scarcity of essential items, the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) in co-operation with the state's transport department on Sunday sent the first goods trains carrying essential commodities to the violence-hit north-eastern state, officials said on Monday.

25 Jul 2023, 12:08:17 PM IST

'Dissatisfaction in opposition over PM's statement' says JD(U) leader KC Tyagi.

Manipur Violence news: While speaking to news agency PTI, JD(U) leader KC Tyagi said, "There is dissatisfaction in the opposition over PM's statement (on Manipur issue). We are hopeful that PM will choose to speak in the Parliament if he wants to end the deadlock in the Parliament."

25 Jul 2023, 12:08:18 PM IST

DCW Chief Swati Maliwal meets two daughters of Manipur who were brutalised

Manipur news: Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal met two daughters of Manipur who were brutalised

25 Jul 2023, 11:45:24 AM IST

Make comprehensive statement in both houses of Parliament on Manipur violence: Cong chief Kharge

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make a "comprehensive" statement in both houses of Parliament on the violence in Manipur.

He said the situation in the northeast was fragile and the repercussions of the Manipur violence seem to be spilling over to other states too, asserting that it was not good for the country's sensitive border states.

25 Jul 2023, 11:39:36 AM IST

Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12 noon after uproar over Manipur situation

Rajya Sabha proceedings adjourned till 12 noon after uproar over Manipur situation, crime against women in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh.

25 Jul 2023, 11:24:37 AM IST

Lok Sabha adjourns till 2 pm amid opposition protests on Manipur violence

Lok Sabha proceedings were adjourned till 2 pm on Tuesday amid protests by opposition parties on the violence in Manipur.

As soon as the House met for the day, Opposition members sought to raise the issue and also started shouting slogans.

25 Jul 2023, 11:18:30 AM IST

Manipur Violence: Opposition parties meet to chalk out strategy in Parliament

Leaders of the opposition alliance INDIA on Tuesday met here to chalk out their strategy in both houses of Parliament and are set to intensify their demand for a statement from the prime minister on Manipur violence.

25 Jul 2023, 10:57:28 AM IST

Delhi: AAP to stage protest at Jantar Mantar over Manipur issue

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will stage a protest here on Tuesday over the situation in strife-torn Manipur and against alleged incidents of brutality against women in the northeastern state.

The protest will be staged at Jantar Mantar.

25 Jul 2023, 10:39:01 AM IST

‘We will take a decision on Manipur issue': Mallikarjun Kharge

LoP Rajya Sabha & Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on the opposition meeting says, "I am going for the meeting and will all take a decision (regarding the Manipur)."

25 Jul 2023, 10:20:51 AM IST

Efforts on to nab those trying to pass off Myanmar killing video as Manipur incident: Police

Manipur Police said efforts were underway, by tracing IP addresses, to nab those responsible for circulating a "fake news" item in which a video of the killing of a woman in neighbouring Myanmar was being passed off as an incident that took place in the northeastern state.

25 Jul 2023, 10:19:49 AM IST

Several opposition MPs move notices seeking discussion on Manipur situation

On the fourth day of the Parliament Monsoon session on Tuesday, several MPs from opposition parties have given notices in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, seeking a discussion on the Manipur issue, which has been a key reason for the continuous logjam in both Houses since the session commenced.

In Lok Sabha, Congress MPs Manish Tewari, and Gaurav Gogoi have moved Adjournment Motion Notice demanding a discussion on the Manipur situation.

25 Jul 2023, 10:03:19 AM IST

Mizoram: Civil society orgs to bring out rallies over Manipur violence

Civil society organisations are scheduled to stage demonstrations across Mizoram on Tuesday to extend solidarity with Zo people in ethnic strife-torn Manipur.

Mizos of Mizoram share ethnic ties with Kukis of Manipur, Kuki-Chins of Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh and Chins of Myanmar. They are collectively called Zo people.

25 Jul 2023, 09:59:53 AM IST

TMC MP Dola Sen on Manipur issue

TMC MP Dola Sen says, "The situation in Manipur is very bad. It's been 3 months that there is no internet or network, roads are closed, no medicines are available...We are celebrating 'Amrit Kaal' and it's sad that Prime Minister Modi is not listening and speaking on the Manipur issue...We demand that peace and normalcy should be restored in the state..."

25 Jul 2023, 09:48:05 AM IST

All you need to know about Manipur horror video case

Two women are alleged to have been sexually assaulted before being set free by a mob. A 26-second video of the incident had surfaced on July 19.

One of the women seen in the video is the wife of an ex-Armyman, who served as a subedar in the Assam Regiment and had even fought in the Kargil War.

A complaint in connection with the video was lodged around a month ago – June 21 – at Saikul police station in Kangpokpi district.

More than 160 people have lost their lives, and several have been injured since ethnic violence broke out in the state on May 3, when a 'Tribal Solidarity March' was organised in the hill districts to protest against the Meitei community's demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. (PTI)

25 Jul 2023, 09:31:13 AM IST

Manipur row likely to rock Parliament monsoon session for fourth day:

The Manipur issue is likely to remain the highlight of Parliament monsoon session for the fourth day with opposition demanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi statement, while government insisting Home minister Amit Shah speaks on it.

Read more here

25 Jul 2023, 09:30:33 AM IST

‘Why PM is afraid of making statement on Manipur in Parliament?’ Congress MP

Congress MP Manickam Tagore says, "Prime Ministers always make statements in Parliament...Why is the Prime Minister afraid to make a statement on Manipur in Parliament? We request with folded hands to the Prime Minister to make a statement on Manipur. Manipur is a very sensitive issue and the Parliament must send a positive and peaceful message...We should not do politics compared with other states' rape issues...Manipur is a bigger issue..."

25 Jul 2023, 09:29:04 AM IST

Raghav Chadha on Opposition's demand to discuss Manipur issue in Parliament

AAP MP Raghav Chadha, says "The only demand of the opposition parties is that we want a discussion on the Manipur issue. It is sad that this issue is being discussed internationally but not in India...Manipur CM N Biren Singh should be removed and President's rule should be imposed in the state... AAP is going to raise the issue of Manipur across the country"

25 Jul 2023, 09:27:58 AM IST

‘Why is PM Modi silent over Manipur issue?’ AAP MP Sanjay Singh

AAP MP Sanjay Singh, says "Why is the Prime Minister silent on such a sensitive issue like Manipur? We are only demanding him to come to Parliament and speak on this issue. I will not comment on Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar for suspending me as he is not someone related to politics, he is the Vice President. It is our responsibility to raise the issue of Manipur in Parliament"

25 Jul 2023, 09:20:05 AM IST

Logjam likely to persist over Manipur, suspension of AAP’s Sanjay Singh

After both Houses were adjourned on Monday, amid persistent uproar by Opposition members demanding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi make a detailed statement on the Manipur situation, similar scenes are likely as the Parliament reconvenes on the 4th day of the ongoing Monsoon Session, on Tuesday.

25 Jul 2023, 09:07:54 AM IST

One more arrested in Manipur viral video case

One more person has been arrested in connection with the stripping and parading of two women in Manipur, a video of which has attracted nationwide condemnation, police said on Tuesday.

The fresh arrest on Monday evening from Thoubal district took the total number of apprehensions in the case to seven, they said.

25 Jul 2023, 09:07:35 AM IST

‘Our only demand is PM Modi should speak on the Manipur issue’: Suspended MP Sanjay Singh

AAP MP Sanjay Singh, says "We are sitting here since yesterday. Our only demand is that PM Modi should speak on the Manipur issue. We will keep protesting here and I am still requesting PM Modi to come to the Parliament and talk on Manipur.

25 Jul 2023, 09:04:27 AM IST

‘Our demands of PM Modi’s statement on Manipur will continue': Rajya Sabha MP Jebi Mather

Rajya Sabha MP and Mahila Congress President, Jebi Mather says, "We want to give the biggest message. Sanjay Singh is not alone. The entire Opposition is together. If the ruling dispensation, the NDA and the govt think that by suspending one of our MPs, they can threaten us...Repeatedly we want to say that our demands will continue. The Prime Minister should come to Parliament and make a statement about Manipur, followed by a detailed discussion..."

25 Jul 2023, 08:54:50 AM IST

Memetic models can guide how to contain outbreaks of violence

Human beings fight not because they are different, but because they are the same and, in their attempt to distinguish themselves, have made themselves into enemies, human doubles in reciprocal violence.

Read more here

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