One may not necessarily have to carry physical copy of crucial documents such as vehicle insurance driving licence while driving. Electronic version of such documents can be presented through DigiLocker or m-parivahan platform to avoid fines, according to an advisory issued by the road transport and highways ministry.

“The ministry has been receiving grievances after the implementation of the certain provisions of new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, where citizens where citizens have raised concerns that the documents available in Digi-locker app of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology or m-Parivahan app of the ministry are not being considered valid by some enforcement officers of traffic police or motor vehicles department of the state," the ministry said in a letter to all chief secretaries of states, director general of police and transport commissioners on Monday.

There have been cases when the traffic police was not accepting the digital version of such documents and people were fined as they considered driving without the crucial documents. Such documents will be legally accepted only if it is available on DigiLocker or mParivahan app, the ministry said, adding that the recent changes pertaining to stiff penalties upon breaking traffic rules were implemented under the motor vehicles law to increase abidance by law and improve road safety.

“Unnecessary harassment and fine on person for just not able to produce the physical copy is not justified as per rules ," the ministry said.