NEW DELHI : Mumbai local train passengers would now be able to buy tickets easily and quickly with the installation of new Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM) from today. The Central Railway had said on Tuesday that it has installed ATVM at 42 suburban stations to facilitate fast ticketing to its millions of commuters over Mumbai suburban network. "A total of 92 ATVMs will be installed at 42 suburban stations. The salient features of one-touch ATVM are that with just two steps, one can obtain a ticket instead of earlier six steps on a regular ATVM," a press release from the Central Railway said

How will the one-touch Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) work

-One touch ATVM will show one screen display for selecting single or return journey tickets

-One can select the desired station in the distance slab.

-Just press tab 'upto station' either for journey tickets or return journey tickets.

-One can get platform ticket also with a single touch.

"This one-touch ATVM is introduced keeping in mind the fast life of Mumbai commuters as it will reduce the waiting time of the passengers and avoid standing in long queues," Chief PRO of Central Railway Shivaji Sutar said.

According to some reports, Central Railways officials had received feedbacks regarding complicated process of the earlier ATMVs. And the current version is the simplified form of the previous version. The one-touch ATMV will currently offer second class tickets. First class passengers usually don't book through ATVMs. The user-friendly and uncomplicated procedure in one touch ATVM will greatly ease the load on the ticketing system of Mumbai suburban network.

Smart card based Automatic Ticket Vending Machine was introduced of in the month of November 2007 with the purpose of reducing the queue length at booking counters.

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