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Business News/ News / India/  National Dessert Day 2023: History, significance, and ways to celebrate the day with sweetness

National Dessert Day 2023: History, significance, and ways to celebrate the day with sweetness

National Dessert Day: Celebrate the sweetness of dessert delicacies from around the world on October 14, 2023.

National Dessert Day 2023: The day is celebrated every year on this day to cherish the sweetness of dessert dishes

National Dessert Day 2023: Every year, food lovers dedicate a day to desserts and sweet dishes. To celebrate the sweetness of dessert delicacies from across the world, people observe National Dessert Day on 14 October 2023.

The list of popular desserts includes sweet dishes like cakes, cookies, biscuits, gelatins, pastries, ice creams, pies, puddings, and sweets.

In western culture, dessert is all about cakes, cookies, biscuits, ice creams, pastries, etc. However, Indian treat includes dishes like kheer, halwa, gujiya, puran poli, sewaiya, etc.

National Dessert Day 2023: History

There is no official record of how the celebration of ‘National Dessert Day’ began. There is no official story behind the celebration of the day. However, the true essence of its celebration lies in sweet dishes savoured across the world. The day has been celebrated for over a century. Moreover, it serves as a perfect opportunity for food lovers to try something new or make one of their favourite recipe at home.

National Dessert Day: Origin of the word ‘dessert’

The origin of the word ‘dessert’ came from the French “desservir." The term means “to clear the table." The meaning refers tho the role of thedish which is to make a sweet conclusion of a meal. The earliest references to the term dessert being used are in the 1600’s and arrived at the same time as the concept of serving a meal in courses, letting each part of the meal be its own experience. The birth of sugar and honey trade also helped in increasing the popularity of the term dessert.

National Dessert Day 2023: Significance

Despite lacking a clear history to what led to the celebration of this day, it marks the beginning of trend to celebrate a range of delectable sweets that have graced tables all over the world for millennia.

Our ancestors, used to enjoy weet delicacies produced from honey, fruits and nuts. Civilisations like the Egyptians and the Romans played a wide role in the evolution of desserts. Now, they have become an essential component of meals, occasions, and cultural customs.

National Dessert Day 2023: How to celebrate the day

-Be it a cake or halwa, bake or cook your own dessert.

-To amplify any celebration all you need is to spend the moment with your loved ones. Throw a sundae party and invite your friends and families today.

-Go with your friends, family or alone to enjoy a scrumptious dessert outside.

-Cook your favourate dessert or other edible items and gift it as a token of love to your well wishers.

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