NEW DELHI : Petrol prices rose for the third consecutive day in the national capital on Sunday. The price of diesel, however, declined for the second straight day following the daily revision of fuel rates.

Petrol price rose by 10 paise in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai and by 11 paise in Chennai while diesel became cheaper by 6 paise in delhi and Kolkata and by 7 paise in Mumbai and Chennai.

In the last three days, petrol became costlier by 34 paise in Delhi while diesel became cheaper by 11 paise in just two days.

According to the website of the Indian Oil Corporation, petrol was available in Delhi at 74.54 per litre, in Kolkata at 77.22 a litre, in Mumbai at 80.20 a litre and in Chennai at 77.49 a litre on Sunday.

Similarly, diesel prices across the four metropolitan cities are - 65.73 per litre in Delhi, 68.14 a litre in Kolkata, 68.94 a litre in Mumbai and 69.47 a litre in Chennai on Sunday.

As per the daily pricing mechanism, the retail prices of petrol and diesel are dependent on the global crude prices and the rupee-US dollar exchange rate as India imports almost 80 per cent of its crude oil requirements.

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