Congress president Rahul Gandhi. (Virendra Singh Gosain/HT)
Congress president Rahul Gandhi. (Virendra Singh Gosain/HT)

Rahul Gandhi wishes PM Modi a happy 'World Theatre Day' after address to nation

  • PM Modi announces India's Mission Shakti—a DRDO ASAT that shot down a low-earth orbit satellite in just three minutes
  • Congress president Rahul Gandhi also congratulated DRDO for the anti-satellite missile (ASAT)

New Delhi: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday wished Prime Minister Narendra Modi "Happy World Theatre Day" after his address to nation, where he announced India's Mission Shakti—a DRDO anti-satellite missile (ASAT) that shot down a low-earth orbit satellite in just three minutes.

Gandhi also congratulated the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO).

"Well done DRDO, extremely proud of your work. I would also like to wish the PM a very happy World Theatre Day," he said on Twitter.

On Wednesday, PM Modi announced that India had demonstrated ASAT capability by shooting down a live satellite, describing it as a rare achievement that puts the country in an exclusive club of space super powers.

"In the journey of every nation there are moments that bring utmost pride and have a historic impact on generations to come. One such moment is today," he said in an unprecedented address to nation on television, radio and social media.

"India has successfully tested the Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile. Congratulations to everyone on the success of #MissionShakti," the prime minister tweeted later.

He said the action was not directed against any country and the satellite was a pre-determined target orbiting at an altitude of 300km.