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Business News/ News / India/  Rajasthan Assembly Election Result 2023 winners: Who won it for Congress, BJP, BSP? Full list of winning candidates

Rajasthan Assembly Election Result 2023 winners: Who won it for Congress, BJP, BSP? Full list of winning candidates

Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023 took place on November 25, with one constituency's election postponed due to the death of a Congress leader. Exit polls suggested a close contest, with neither BJP nor Congress projected to secure a clear majority.

Jaipur: BJP workers and supporters outside the party headquarters during the counting of votes for the Rajasthan Assembly elections, in Jaipur, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2023. Counting of votes began on Sunday for the Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Telangana elections. (PTI Photo) (PTI)Premium
Jaipur: BJP workers and supporters outside the party headquarters during the counting of votes for the Rajasthan Assembly elections, in Jaipur, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2023. Counting of votes began on Sunday for the Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Telangana elections. (PTI Photo) (PTI)

Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023 took place on November 25 to elect 199 of the 200 candidates. Gurmeet Singh Kooner, the Congress leader from Rajasthan and MLA of Karanpur, passed away a week before the scheduled polls in the state. The election for the constituency has been postponed. Out of 200 seats, a majority requires 101 seats.

Rajasthan Election Result 2023 LIVE Updates

Exit polls for Rajasthan's 2023 Assembly suggested a close contest. Some predicted the BJP might replace Congress, continuing the state's trend of alternating power. Yet, a combined analysis hinted at a possible hung assembly, with neither party achieving a clear majority. The BJP and Congress were neck-and-neck, with the BJP possibly securing 91-92 seats and the Congress 93-94.

Diverse exit polls present varied outcomes. ABP-CVoter forecast 94-114 seats for BJP and 71-91 for Congress. Jan Ki Baat predicted a BJP win with 100-122 seats. Axis My India and Chankaya indicated a close BJP-Congress race. Times Now-ETG alone foresaw a Congress majority with 108-128 seats.

As per the latest trends, the BJP is leading in 115 seats and Congress in 68.

Rajasthan Assembly Election Result 2023: Who's leading/trailing?

Adarsh NagarRAFEEK KHANIndian National Congress RAVI KUMAR NAYYARBharatiya Janata Party i
AhoreCHHAGAN SINGH RAJPUROHITBharatiya Janata Party SAROJ CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress i
Ajmer NorthVASUDEV DEVNANIBharatiya Janata Party MAHENDRA SINGH RALAWATAIndian National Congress i
Ajmer SouthANITA BHADELBharatiya Janata Party DR. DROPDI KOLIIndian National Congress i
Alwar RuralTikaram JullyIndian National Congress Jairam JatavBharatiya Janata Party i
Alwar UrbanSANJAY SHARMABharatiya Janata Party AJAY AGARWALIndian National Congress i
AmberPRASHANT SHARMAIndian National Congress SATISH POONIABharatiya Janata Party i
AntaKANWARLALBharatiya Janata Party PRAMOD JAINIndian National Congress i
AnupgarhSHIMLA DEVIIndian National Congress SANTOSH BAWRIBharatiya Janata Party i
AsindJabbar Singh SankhalaBharatiya Janata Party Hagamilal MewaraIndian National Congress i
AspurUmesh MeenaBharat Adivasi Party GopichandBharatiya Janata Party i
BagidoraMAHENDRA JEET SINGH MALVIYAIndian National Congress JAIKRISHN PATELBharat Adivasi Party i
BagruKAILASH CHAND VERMABharatiya Janata Party GANGA DEVIIndian National Congress i
BaliPUSHPENDRA SINGHBharatiya Janata Party BADRIRAM JAKHARIndian National Congress i
BamanwasINDRAIndian National Congress RAJENDRABharatiya Janata Party i
BandikuiBHAGCHAND TANKDABharatiya Janata Party GAJRAJ KHATANAIndian National Congress i
BansurDevi Singh ShekhawatBharatiya Janata Party Rohitash Kumar
Aazad Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram) i
BanswaraARJUN SINGH BAMANIYAIndian National Congress DHAN SINGH RAWATBharatiya Janata Party i
Baran AtruRADHEYSHYAM BAIRWABharatiya Janata Party PANACHAND MEGHWALIndian National Congress i
BariJASWANT SINGH GURJARBahujan Samaj Party GIRRAJ SINGH 'MALINGA'Bharatiya Janata Party
Bari SadriGAUTAM KUMARBharatiya Janata Party BADRI LAL JATIndian National Congress i
BarmerDR. PRIYANKA CHOWDHARYIndependentMEWARAM JAINIndian National Congress i
BaseriSANJAY KUMARIndian National Congress iSUKHRAMBharatiya Janata Party i
BassiLAXMANIndian National Congress iCHANDRAMOHAN MEENABharatiya Janata Party i
BayanaDr. RITU BANAWATIndependent iAMAR SINGHIndian National Congress i
BaytooHARISH CHAUDHARYIndian National Congress iUMMEDA RAM BENIWALRashtriya Loktantrik Party i
BeawarSHANKERSINGH RAWATBharatiya Janata Party iPARASMAL JAIN (PANCH)Indian National Congress i
BegunDR. SURESH DHAKARBharatiya Janata Party iGURJAR RAJENDER SINGH BIDHURIIndian National Congress i
BehrorDr. Jaswant Singh YadavBharatiya Janata Party iBaljeet YadavRashtriya Janata Sena i
BhadraSANJEEV KUMARBharatiya Janata Party iBALWAN POONIA
Communist Party of India (Marxist) i
BharatpurDR. SUBHASH GARGRashtriya Lok Dal iVIJAY BANSAL (PAPPU BANDA)Bharatiya Janata Party i
BhilwaraAshok Kumar KothariIndependent iOm Prakash NaraniwalIndian National Congress i
BhimHarisingh Rawat S/o Panna SinghBharatiya Janata Party iSudarshan Singh Rawat S/o Lakshman SinghIndian National Congress i
BhinmalSAMARJIT SINGHIndian National Congress iPOORA RAMBharatiya Janata Party i
BhopalgarhGEETA BARWARIndian National Congress iPUKHRAJ GARGRashtriya Loktantrik Party i
Bikaner EastSiddhi KumariBharatiya Janata Party iYashpal GehlotIndian National Congress i
Bikaner WestJETHANAND VYASBharatiya Janata Party iBULAKI DAS KALLAIndian National Congress i
BilaraARJUN LALBharatiya Janata Party iMOHANLAL KATARIYAIndian National Congress i
BundiHARIMOHAN SHARMAIndian National Congress iASHOK DOGRABharatiya Janata Party i
ChaksuRAMAVTAR BAIRWABharatiya Janata Party iVED PRAKASH SOLANKIIndian National Congress
ChhabraPRATAP SINGH SINGHVIBharatiya Janata Party iKARANSINGHIndian National Congress i
ChittorgarhChandrabhan Singh ChouhanIndependent iSurendra Singh JadawatIndian National Congress i
ChohtanADU RAM MEGHWALBharatiya Janata Party iPADMARAMIndian National Congress i
ChomuDR. SHIKHA MEEL BARALAIndian National Congress iRAM LAL SHARMABharatiya Janata Party i
ChorasiRajkumar RoatBharat Adivasi Party iSushil KataraBharatiya Janata Party i
ChuruHARLAL SAHARANBharatiya Janata Party iRAFIQUE MANDELIAIndian National Congress i
Civil LinesGOPAL SHARMABharatiya Janata Party iPRATAP SINGH KHACHARIYAVASIndian National Congress i
DagKALURAMBharatiya Janata Party iCHETRAJIndian National Congress i
Danta RamgarhVIRENDRA SINGHIndian National Congress iGAJANAND KUMAWATBharatiya Janata Party i
DausaMURARI LAL MEENAIndian National Congress iSHANKAR LAL SHARMABharatiya Janata Party i
DeedwanaYOONUS KHANIndependent iCHETAN SINGH CHAUDHARYIndian National Congress i
Deeg-KumherDR. SHAILESH SINGHBharatiya Janata Party iVISHVENDRA SINGHIndian National Congress i
DeganaAJAY SINGHBharatiya Janata Party iVIJAYPAL MIRDHAIndian National Congress i
Deoli-UniaraHarish Chandra MeenaIndian National Congress iVijay Singh BainslaBharatiya Janata Party i
DhariawadThavar ChandBharat Adivasi Party iKanhaiya lalBharatiya Janata Party i
DhodGORDHANBharatiya Janata Party iPEMA RAM
Communist Party of India (Marxist) i
DholpurSHOBHARANI KUSHWAHIndian National Congress iRITESH SHARMABahujan Samaj Party i
DuduDR. PREM CHAND BAIRWABharatiya Janata Party iBABULAL NAGARIndian National Congress i
DungargarhTARACHANDBharatiya Janata Party iMANGLARAM GODARAIndian National Congress i
DungarpurGANESH GHOGRAIndian National Congress iKANTILAL ROATBharat Adivasi Party
FatehpurHAKAM ALI KHANIndian National Congress iSHARAWAN CHOUDHARY S/O PREM SINGHBharatiya Janata Party i
GanganagarJAYDEEP BIHANIBharatiya Janata Party iKARUNA ASHOK CHANDAKIndependent i
GangapurRAMKESHIndian National Congress iMANSINGH GURJARBharatiya Janata Party i
GarhiKAILASH CHANDRA MEENABharatiya Janata Party iSHANKARLAL CHARPOTAIndian National Congress i
GhatolNANALAL NINAMAIndian National Congress iASHOK KUMARBharat Adivasi Party i
GogundaPratap Lal BheelBharatiya Janata Party iDr. Mangi Lal GarasiyaIndian National Congress i
Gudha MalaniKRISHAN KUMAR K.K. VISHNOIBharatiya Janata Party iCOL. SONARAM CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress i
HanumangarhGANESHRAJ BANSALIndependent iAMIT SAHUBharatiya Janata Party i
Hawa MahalBALMUKUNDACHARYBharatiya Janata Party iR.R. TIWARIIndian National Congress i
HindaunANITA JATAVIndian National Congress iRAJKUMARI JATAVBharatiya Janata Party i
HindoliASHOKIndian National Congress iPRABHU LAL SAINIBharatiya Janata Party i
JahazpurGOPICHAND MEENABharatiya Janata Party iDHIRAJ GURJARIndian National Congress i
JaisalmerCHHOTUSINGHBharatiya Janata Party iRUPARAMIndian National Congress i
JaitaranAVINASH GEHLOTBharatiya Janata Party iSURENDRA GOYALIndian National Congress i
JaloreJOGESHWAR GARGBharatiya Janata Party iRAMILA MEGHWALIndian National Congress i
Jamwa RamgarhMAHENDRA PAL MEENABharatiya Janata Party iGOPAL LAL MEENAIndian National Congress i
JayalDr. Manju BaghmarBharatiya Janata Party iDr. Manju DeviIndian National Congress i
JhadolBabulal KharadiBharatiya Janata Party iHeeralal DarangiIndian National Congress i
JhalrapatanVasundhara RajeBharatiya Janata Party iRamlalIndian National Congress i
JhotwaraCOL. RAJYAVARDHAN RATHOREBharatiya Janata Party iABHISHEK CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress
JhunjhunuBrijendra Singh OlaIndian National Congress iNisheet KumarBharatiya Janata Party i
JodhpurATUL BHANSALIBharatiya Janata Party iMANISHA PANWARIndian National Congress i
KamanNAUKSHAMBharatiya Janata Party iMUKHTYAR AHMADIndependent i
KapasanARJUN LAL JINGARBharatiya Janata Party iSHANKAR LAL BERWAIndian National Congress i
KarauliDARSHAN SINGHBharatiya Janata Party iLAKHAN SINGHIndian National Congress i
KathumarRAMESH KHINCHIBharatiya Janata Party iSANJNAIndian National Congress i
KekriSHATRUGHAN GAUTAMBharatiya Janata Party iDR. RAGHU SHARMAIndian National Congress i
KeshoraipatanCHUNNILAL C.L. PREMI BAIRWAIndian National Congress iCHANDRAKANTA MEGHWALBharatiya Janata Party i
KhajuwalaDR VISHWANATH MEGHWALBharatiya Janata Party iGOVINDRAM MEGHWALIndian National Congress i
KhandarJITENDRA KUMAR GOTHWALBharatiya Janata Party iASHOKIndian National Congress i
KhandelaSUBHASH MEELBharatiya Janata Party iMAHADEV SINGHIndian National Congress i
KhanpurSURESH GURJARIndian National Congress iNARENDRA NAGARBharatiya Janata Party i
KherwaraDr. Dayaram ParmarIndian National Congress iNana Lal AhariBharatiya Janata Party i
KhetriDHARMPALBharatiya Janata Party iMANOJ GHUMARIABahujan Samaj Party i
KhinwsarHANUMAN BENIWALRashtriya Loktantrik Party iREWANT RAM DANGABharatiya Janata Party i
Kishan PoleAMIN KAGZIIndian National Congress iCHANDRA MANOHAR BATWARA ADVOCATEBharatiya Janata Party i
KishanganjLALIT MEENABharatiya Janata Party iNIRMALAIndian National Congress i
KishangarhVIKASH CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress iSURESH TAKIndependent i
Kishangarh BasDEEPCHAND KHAIRIYAIndian National Congress iRAMHET SINGH YADAVBharatiya Janata Party i
KolayatANSHUMAN SINGH BHATIBharatiya Janata Party iBHANWAR SINGH BHATIIndian National Congress
Kota NorthSHANTI DHARIWALIndian National Congress iPRAHLAD GUNJALBharatiya Janata Party i
Kota SouthSANDEEP SHARMABharatiya Janata Party iRAKHI GAUTAMIndian National Congress i
KotputliHANSRAJ PATELBharatiya Janata Party iRAJENDRA SINGH YADAVIndian National Congress i
KumbhalgarhSurendra Singh RathoreBharatiya Janata Party iYogendra Singh ParmarIndian National Congress i
KushalgarhRAMILA KHADIYAIndian National Congress iBHEEMA BHAIBharatiya Janata Party i
LachhmangarhGOVIND SINGH DOTASRAIndian National Congress iSUBHASH MAHARIABharatiya Janata Party i
LadnunMUKESH BHAKARIndian National Congress iKARNI SINGHBharatiya Janata Party i
LadpuraKALPANA DEVIBharatiya Janata Party iNAIMUDDIN GUDDUIndian National Congress i
LalsotRAMBILASBharatiya Janata Party iPARSADILALIndian National Congress i
LohawatGAJENDRA SINGHBharatiya Janata Party iKISHNA RAM VISHNOIIndian National Congress i
LuniJOGARAM PATELBharatiya Janata Party iMAHENDRA BISHNOIIndian National Congress i
LunkaransarSUMIT GODARABharatiya Janata Party iDR. RAJENDRA MOONDIndian National Congress i
MahuwaRAJENDRABharatiya Janata Party iOMPRAKASH HUDLAIndian National Congress i
MakranaJAKIR HUSSAIN GESAWATIndian National Congress iSUMITA BHINCHARBharatiya Janata Party i
MalpuraKANHAIYALALBharatiya Janata Party iGHASI LAL CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress i
Malviya NagarKALICHARAN SARAFBharatiya Janata Party iARCHANA SHARMAIndian National Congress i
MandalUDAI LAL BHADANABharatiya Janata Party iRAM LAL JATIndian National Congress i
MandalgarhGOPAL LAL SHARMABharatiya Janata Party iVIVEK DHAKARIndian National Congress i
MandawaKumari Rita ChaudharyIndian National Congress iNarendra KumarBharatiya Janata Party i
Manohar ThanaGOVIND PRASADBharatiya Janata Party iKAILASH CHANDIndependent
Marwar JunctionKESARAM CHOUDHARYBharatiya Janata Party iKHUSHVEER SINGHIndian National Congress i
MasudaVIRENDRA SINGHBharatiya Janata Party iRAKESHIndian National Congress i
MavliPushkar Lal DangiIndian National Congress iKrishnagopal PaliwalBharatiya Janata Party i
MertaLAXMAN RAMBharatiya Janata Party iSHIVRATAN (CHIMAN VALMIKI)Indian National Congress i
MundawarLalit YadavIndian National Congress iManjeet Dharampal ChoudharyBharatiya Janata Party i
NadbaiJAGAT SINGHBharatiya Janata Party iJOGINDER SINGH AWANA S/O GIRWAR SINGHIndian National Congress i
NagarJAWAHARSINGH BEDHAMBharatiya Janata Party iWAJIB ALIIndian National Congress i
NagaurHARENDRA MIRDHAIndian National Congress iJYOTI MIRDHABharatiya Janata Party i
NasirabadRAMSWAROOP LAMBABharatiya Janata Party iSHIVPRAKASH GURJARIndian National Congress i
NathdwaraVISHVARAJ SINGH MEWARBharatiya Janata Party iC. P. JOSHIIndian National Congress i
NawalgarhVikram Singh JakhalBharatiya Janata Party iDr. Rajkumar SharmaIndian National Congress i
NawanVIJAY SINGHBharatiya Janata Party iMAHENDRA CHOUDHARYIndian National Congress i
Neem Ka ThanaSuresh ModiIndian National Congress iPrem Singh BajorBharatiya Janata Party i
NimbaheraSHRICHAND KRIPLANIBharatiya Janata Party iANJANA UDAYALALIndian National Congress i
NiwaiRAM SAHAY VARMA (REGAR)Bharatiya Janata Party iPRASHANT BAIRWAIndian National Congress i
NoharAMIT CHACHANIndian National Congress iABHISHEK MATORIABharatiya Janata Party i
NokhaSUSHILA RAMESHWAR DUDIIndian National Congress iBIHARI LALBharatiya Janata Party i
OsianBHERA RAM CHOUDHARY (SIYOL)Bharatiya Janata Party iDIVYA MADERNAIndian National Congress i
PachpadraARUN CHOUDHARYBharatiya Janata Party iMADAN PRAJAPATIndian National Congress i
PaliBHEEM RAJ BHATIIndian National Congress iGYANCHAND PARAKHBharatiya Janata Party
ParbatsarRAMNIWAS GAWRIYAIndian National Congress iMANSINGH KINSARIYABharatiya Janata Party i
PhalodiPABBA RAM BISHNOIBharatiya Janata Party iPRAKASH CHANDRA CHHANGANIIndian National Congress i
PhuleraVIDHYADHAR SINGHIndian National Congress iNIRMAL KUMAWATBharatiya Janata Party i
PilaniPitram Singh KalaIndian National Congress iRajesh Kumar DahiaBharatiya Janata Party i
PilibangaVINOD KUMARIndian National Congress iDHARMENDRA KUMARBharatiya Janata Party i
Pindwara abuSAMARAMBharatiya Janata Party iLeelaram GrasiyaIndian National Congress i
PipaldaCHETAN PATEL KOLANAIndian National Congress iPREMCHAND GOCHARBharatiya Janata Party i
PokaranPRATAP PURIBharatiya Janata Party iSHALE MOHMMADIndian National Congress i
PratapgarhHEMANT MEENABharatiya Janata Party iRAMLAL MEENAIndian National Congress i
PushkarSuresh Singh RawatBharatiya Janata Party iNaseem AkhtarIndian National Congress i
RaisinghnagarSOHAN LAL NAYAKIndian National Congress iBALVIR SINGH LUTHRABharatiya Janata Party i
RajakheraRohit BohraIndian National Congress iNeerja SharmaBharatiya Janata Party i
Rajgarh-LaxmangarhMANGELAL MEENAIndian National Congress iBANNA RAM MEENABharatiya Janata Party i
RajsamandDEEPTI KIRAN MAHESHWARIBharatiya Janata Party iNARAYAN SINGH BHATIIndian National Congress i
Ramganj MandiMadan DilawarBharatiya Janata Party iMahendra RajoriyaIndian National Congress i
RamgarhZUBAIR KHANIndian National Congress iSUKHAVANT SINGH
Aazad Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram) i
RaniwaraRATAN DEVASIIndian National Congress iNARAYAN SINGH DEWALBharatiya Janata Party i
RatangarhPOOSARAM GODARAIndian National Congress iABHINESH MAHARSHIBharatiya Janata Party i
ReodarMOTIRAMIndian National Congress iJAGSI RAMBharatiya Janata Party i
SadulpurMANOJ KUMAR S/O SWAI SINGHBahujan Samaj Party iKRISHNA POONIAIndian National Congress
SadulshaharGURVEER SINGHBharatiya Janata Party iOM BISHNOIIndependent i
SagwaraShankarlal DechaBharatiya Janata Party iMohanlal RoatBharat Adivasi Party i
SaharaLADU LAL PITLIYABharatiya Janata Party iRAJENDRA TRIVEDIIndian National Congress i
SalumberAmritlal MeenaBharatiya Janata Party iRaghuvir Singh MeenaIndian National Congress i
SanchoreJIVA RAM CHOUDHARYIndependent iSUKHRAM VISHNOIIndian National Congress i
SanganerBhajan Lal SharmaBharatiya Janata Party iPushpendra BhardwajIndian National Congress i
SangariaABHIMANYUIndian National Congress iGURDEEP SINGHBharatiya Janata Party i
SangodHEERALAL NAGARBharatiya Janata Party iBHANU PRATAP SINGHIndian National Congress i
SapotraHANSRAJ MEENABharatiya Janata Party iRAMESH CHAND MEENAIndian National Congress i
SardarpuraASHOK GEHLOTIndian National Congress iPROFESSOR DR. MAHENDRA RATHOREBharatiya Janata Party i
SardarshaharANIL KUMAR SHARMAIndian National Congress iRAJKARAN CHOUDHARYIndependent i
Sawai MadhopurKIRODI LALBharatiya Janata Party iDANISH ABRARIndian National Congress i
ShahpuraMANISH YADAVIndian National Congress iALOK BENIWALIndependent i
ShahpuraLALARAM BAIRWABharatiya Janata Party iNARENDRA KUMAR REGARIndian National Congress i
SheoRAVINDRA SINGH BHATIIndependent iFATEH KHANIndependent i
ShergarhBABU SINGH RATHORBharatiya Janata Party iMEENA KANWARIndian National Congress i
SikarRAJENDRA PAREEKIndian National Congress iRATANLAL JALDHARIBharatiya Janata Party i
SikraiVIKRAM BANSIWALBharatiya Janata Party iMAMTA BHUPESHIndian National Congress i
SirohiOTA RAM DEWASIBharatiya Janata Party iSANYAM LODHAIndian National Congress i
SiwanaHAMEER SINGH BHAYALBharatiya Janata Party iSUNIL PARIHARIndependent
SojatSHOBHA CHAUHANBharatiya Janata Party iNIRANJAN ARYAIndian National Congress i
SoorsagarDEVENDRA JOSHIBharatiya Janata Party iER. SHAHZAD AIYUB KHANIndian National Congress i
SrimadhopurJHABAR SINGH KHARRABharatiya Janata Party iDEEPENDRA SINGHIndian National Congress i
SujangarhMANOJ KUMARIndian National Congress iSANTOSH MEGHWAL W/O MANOJ KUMARBharatiya Janata Party i
SumerpurJORARAM KUMAWATBharatiya Janata Party iHARISHANKARIndian National Congress i
SurajgarhSharwan Kumar S/O Gokal RamIndian National Congress iSantosh AhalawatBharatiya Janata Party i
SuratgarhDungarram GedarIndian National Congress iRampratap KasaniaBharatiya Janata Party i
TaranagarNARENDRA BUDANIAIndian National Congress iRAJENDRA RATHOREBharatiya Janata Party i
ThanagaziKANTI PRASADIndian National Congress iHEMSINGHBharatiya Janata Party i
TijaraMAHANT BALAK NATHBharatiya Janata Party iIMRAN KHANIndian National Congress i
TodabhimGHANSHYAMIndian National Congress iRAMNIWAS MEENABharatiya Janata Party i
TonkSachin PilotIndian National Congress iAjit Singh MehtaBharatiya Janata Party i
UdaipurTarachand JainBharatiya Janata Party iProf. Gourav VallabhIndian National Congress i
Udaipur RuralPhool Singh MeenaBharatiya Janata Party iDr. Vivek KataraIndian National Congress i
UdaipurwatiBhagawana Ram SainiIndian National Congress iSubhkaran ChoudharyBharatiya Janata Party i
VallabhnagarUdailal DangiBharatiya Janata Party iPreeti Gajendra Singh ShaktawatIndian National Congress i
Vidhyadhar NagarDIYA KUMARIBharatiya Janata Party iSITARAM AGARWALIndian National Congress i
ViratnagarKULDEEPBharatiya Janata Party iINDRAJ SINGH GURJARIndian National Congress i
WeirBAHADUR SINGHBharatiya Janata Party iBHAJANLAL JATAVIndian National Congress

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Published: 03 Dec 2023, 09:56 AM IST
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