NEW DELHI : In one such bizarre case, a Rajasthan money lender got himself killed by paid assassins so that his family members could get 50 lakh life insurance claim. 37-year-old Balbir Kharol, who belongs to Bhilwara district, bought an insurance policy from a private bank a month ago and paid the first premium before his own murder, which is nothing less than a case of suicide.

The money lender's financial situation was bad because he failed to recover about 20 lakh from the people who had taken loans from him, according to a PTI report.

The two accused, Rajvir Singh and Sunil Yadav, who were arrested on Monday for killing Kharol, revealed during police interrogation that the money lender was initially considering to orchestrate his own death in an accident but was doubtful he might survive. Kharol had lent nearly 20 lakh to different people but was unable to recover the amount. For the last six months, he did not receive any payment, police said.

He then planned his own murder so that his family can get the insured amount and lead an easy life, the officer said. Kharol hired Singh and Yadav and promised to pay them 80,000 for executing the murder, police said.

As per the plan, on September 2, Kharol made an advance payment of 10,000 to the two men and went with them to an isolated place. He told them that he had kept rest of the amount in his pocket, which they can take after murdering him. When they reached the decided place in Mangrop area, Yadav tied Kharol's hands and legs with a rope and later Singh strangled him.

The accused were arrested on the basis of Kharol's call details and a CCTV footage.

Kharol is survived by his wife, children and parents.

(PTI inputs)