Will return to India within 24 hours, says main accused in IMA Jewels scam

  • Mohammed Mansoor Khan released a video message saying he was recuperating from his ill health
  • The video message comes at a time when the special investigation team set up to probe the scandal has made several high profile arrests

Bengaluru: Mohammed Mansoor Khan, the main accused in the multi-crore IMA Jewels scandal, on Monday released a video stating that he would return to India within the next 24 hours.

“For many days, I have been trying to return to India but due to my ill-health, heart and diabetic conditions, I have been taking bed rest for at least one month," Khan said in a video, released on Monday.

“In the next 24 hours I will be back in India on my own will," Khan said from an undisclosed location.

The video message comes at a time when the special investigation team (SIT) set up to probe the scandal has made several high profile arrests and is questioning eminent politicians and ministers for their alleged role in the scam.

In his previous video, released on 23 June, Khan had said that his life was under threat and that the case should be handed to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as there were several prominent and powerful people involved in the scam.

Khan, in his video on Monday, said that he has made a list and with the help of the judiciary and the police would be able to recover a significant portion of money that can be returned to investors. Over 40,000 people have filed complaints against Khan’s IMA Group of companies--a Bengaluru based company that promised returns as high as 36%. Khan claimed that his company has been in business since 2006 and was into bullion and commodities trading.

“I have made a list of how we can recover all our money through the help of the judiciary. Our movable, non-movable assets and if money given as bribes and extortion can be recovered, then it would help us pay back a lot of our investors," he said.

The SIT, last week, arrested B.M. Vijay Shankar, Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Bengaluru Urban, for allegedly taking a 1.5 crore bribe from Khan. Incumbent minister Zameer Ahmed Khan and senior Congress leader R.Roshan Baig are being questioned for their alleged role in the scam.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED), among other agencies, is also probing the case that has seen the names of prominent politicians, bureaucrats and other top officials tumble out during investigation.

In the earlier video as well, Khan said that he wanted to return to India on 14 June but was asked to deboard the aircraft. He reached out to Alok Kumar, Bengaluru police commissioner of Bengaluru, asking the latter to give him a safe passage to India.

Khan said since 2006, the company had made over 12,000 crore profit, which was returned to investors. He claimed to have returned 2,000 crore capital investments also.

“There is about 1,350 crore assets of IMA that can be liquidated and returned to the people," Khan had said in the earlier video.