‘How Ambedkarite, Gandhian view evolved together..,’ Jahnvi Kapoor discusses Indian history; netizens react

Jahnvi Kapoor discusses the Gandhi and Ambedkar debate on casteism, expressing curiosity about their evolving ideologies and influence on society.

First Published25 May 2024
Bollywood actor Jahnvi Kapoor. (Photo: Instagram)
Bollywood actor Jahnvi Kapoor. (Photo: Instagram)

Bollywood actor Jahnvi Kapoor expressed her fascination with witnessing a debate between Mahatma Gandhi and Bhimrao Ambedkar, stating that it would be a “very interesting discourse”.

In an interview with Lallantop, Jahnvi Kapoor revealed her curiosity about how the ideologies of Ambedkar and Gandhi influenced each other and evolved in tandem.

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Jahnvi told Lallantop, “Debate between what they stand for and how Ambedkar Saheb's and Gandhi Saheb's views changed on a particular topic. They both have helped a lot in our society. I want to know how they feel about each other, and I think it would be a very interesting discourse.”

She further added, “Ambedkar was very stern and clear at the start, but Gandhi's view kept evolving as he was exposed to...”

“The issue of casteism in our society is quite different when viewed from a third-person perspective, and it makes a significant difference in how we live our lives,” she noted.

The interviewer also speculated about the topics Gandhi and Ambedkar might have discussed before reaching the “Poona Pact agreement”.

Poona Pact

In a negotiated settlement with Gandhi, Ambedkar agreed to allow depressed class candidates to be elected through a joint electorate.

However, he insisted on reserving slightly over twice as many seats (147) for the depressed classes in the legislature compared to what had been allotted under the Communal Award.

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Additionally, the Poona Pact ensured fair representation of the depressed classes in public services and allocated a portion of the educational grant for their upliftment.

Netizens react

A post on Reddit sharing the video of Jahnvi Kapoor has received 205 upvotes and 65 comments.

A person wrote, “Good for her to talk about casteism which is like an invisible ghost in society. Most people practice it but never openly discuss it.”

Reacting to the video posted on Reddit, a user wrote, “Damm ,never expected her to be so intrigued by social structure of the country. Damm still can't believe wat I just heard , good good.”

Netizens react to the viral video of Jahnvi Kapoor speaking on Ambedkar and Gandhi.

However, others wrote, “I thought she was doing it because she didn’t know more but she clearly doesn’t want to be asked more about the subject of Ambedkar and Gandhi’s disagreements on the caste system because people might think she sides with one viewpoint over the other. Also good on her from bringing it up. The caste system doesn’t get talked about enough despite its prevalence in our culture. I think it’s cool she is informed on it and seems to lean towards Ambedkar’s ideology on the matter(she doesn’t say it explicitly but that’s how it appears from her language).”

Netizens react to the viral video of Jahnvi Kapoor speaking on Ambedkar and Gandhi.

“Kudos to Janhvi for talking about such a controversial topic in such a heated political environment where our thought has been somehow Implanon your religion and I feel like once that religion issue is over they can push the minority below the minority line, they might start triggering the casteism as well, really surprised, looking at this,” said another user.

Someone wrote, “Honestly this was a good reply - she seems knowledgeable.”

What is Gandhi and Ambedkar debate?

Gandhi, advocating for the concept of varnashrama dharma, believed in the idea of “Harijan upliftment” through moral persuasion and social reform within the framework of traditional Hindu society. He emphasized the importance of eradicating untouchability through self-purification and personal transformation, urging Harijans (Dalits) to be included in the folds of Hindu society.

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In contrast, Ambedkar, a staunch critic of caste-based discrimination and oppression, rejected Gandhi's approach as being ineffective and insufficient. He argued for the annihilation of caste, advocating for radical social and political reforms to dismantle the hierarchical caste system. Ambedkar emphasized the need for constitutional safeguards and affirmative action measures, including reservations for Dalits, to ensure their social, political, and economic empowerment.

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